Monday 20 May, 2019

Tamil Film Producer Ashok Kumar committed suicide

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Chennai: Kollywood producer B. Ashok Kumar has committed suicide after the threat of financier. Ashok Kumar is a relative of actor M Sasikumar. Ashok was found hanging at his apartment in Alwartirunagar, Chennai, last night. According to the police, Anbuchezhiyan, a financier person usually has dealings with film workers, has been repeatedly threatened and humiliated for six months. Asok Kumar says in his suicide note that the person who has influence in the police-political circles has received more interest to the loan amount given to the film construction company. A case has been registered against the police in the case. He is absconding.

Ashok, a native of Madhura, is the co-producer of the film Eesan, Porali, and 'Kodi Veeran'.Considering it as a murder, Actor Vishal, president of Tamil Nadu Producer Council, demanded action against financier over Ashok's suicide,

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