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Sherlock Toms Movie Review

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sherlock toms malayalam movie review

Review for Malayalam Movie Sherlock Toms


*   GENRE : Comedy Thriller
*   DURATION : 147 Minutes

Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil

* PROS :
+ Direction
+ Performance of lead actors
+ Cinematography
+ Decent Comedies
+ Editing

* CONS :
- Storyline
- Screenplay

* ONE WORD : Sherlock Toms is just an ok movie for a time pass watch.

Sherlock Toms tells about the life the story of Thomas also known as Sherlock Toms, who is a fan Sherlock Holmes stories from his childhood. He work as an IRS officer. His life gets complicated after his marriage by his torturing wife. Soon he gets a transfer to the enforcement division. Rest of the story unfolds the various incidents happening in the life of Tom.

The direction of the movie was done by the Hit Maker Shafi. The story was written by Najim Koya and Shafi along with Sachi as the dialogue and screenplay writer.
The main concept of the story was similar to the Hollywood movie 'Man On a Ledge' released on 2002. Man on Ledge was a complete thriller but here the writers had made a drastic makeover on the script by adding comedies on the family and friendship backdrop. The comedies were entertaining to a level but the screenplay was not upto the standard. The screenplay followed a routine backdrop of an average movie. The second half of the movie travels on a thriller backdrop but the targeted factors was less thrilling. The twist and turns had also failed to create its impact because of the less effort on screenplay. The main drawback I found in this movie was the character qualities given to the character played by Srinda Ashab. Proper characteristics explanation was missing on her character which was found really exaggerating and annoying but the writers have given a convincing character explanation for other lead characters. From the second of the movie the writings and making get loosened by less effort. An unwanted song was added in second half was which a wrong choice. The direction of Shafi was smooth but as a promising director his real caliber was not found on his execution all because of the half backed screenplay and story.
The writers could have been focused more to make the movie much more thrilling and entertaining.

The movie Sherlock Homes comes up with a good star casting. Biju Menon as the hero along with Miya George, Srinda Ashab, Salim Kumar, Vijayaraghavan, Kalabhavan Shajon and Suresh Krishna.
Biju Menon played the main central character named as Thomas also known as Sherlock Toms. The performance of Biju Menon is the main highlight of the movie. The comedy timings was handled perfectly by Biju Menon. The unique style of Biju Menon is also a plus factor of this movie. His emotional scenes was also great. Overall the performance of Biju Menon saves the big time of viewers. Srinda Ashab's played the wife role of Rekha Toms. A complete disappointing character because of her characteristic qualities. The performance was decent and ok. Kalabhavan Shajon did his character brilliantly by entertaining with his performance and humour. Mia George handled the character of a leading journalist named as Shiney Mattummel and her overall performance was good and notable.
Salim Kumar, Nobi, Hareesh Perumanna scored their best with good and entertaining comedies.
Vijayaraghavan was having less to perform but played a crucial role in the movie and performance was entertaining.

The Music of the movie was composed by Bijibal and the background score was controlled by Rahul Raj. The lyricist Harinayaranam had written the lyrics and the songs composed by Bijipal was not upto the mark. The songs were mediocre and the background score of Rahul Raj was also just ok. The BGM on comedy scenes were pretty decent. The background score used on the twist and turns of the movie was less impressive. The techinical aspects of the movie was fine. The Cinematography and Editing was having a standard. The Cinematography of Alby was good nothing special to mention and the editing of Sajan was also crisp and smooth.

So overall Sherlock Toms had given me a below average experience because of its half backed story and screenplay but still the movie will be an ok choice just for a time pass. Better to watch with less expectations.

*   VERDICT : Below Average
*   GRADE : C
*   RATING : 1.5/5

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