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Secret Superstar Movie Review

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secret superstar movie review

Review and Rating for Aamir Khan Secret Superstar movie 


Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil
* PROS :

CONS : Nothing To Mention

* ONE WORD : A Must Watch Heartfelt Movie which will inspire everyone.

Secret Superstar tells about a 15 year old talented girl named as Insia Malik who dreams of becoming a famous singer. Rest of the story tells her struggles and steps to achieve her dream.

The story, screenplay and direction was handled by Advait Chandan and the movie was produced by Aamir Khan under his Aamir Khan Productions.
First of all my sincere gratitude to the director Advait Chandran and Aamir Khan for giving a wonderful heart touching movie. The movie will definitely inspire everyone who have a strong determination with their own dreams. The main core strength of the movie is it's inspiring story with melodious musical works along with the performance of actors and the directional making. The way the movie travels with musics will definitely melt the heart of the viewers.
One of the main plus factor of this movie is the brilliant direction of Advait Chandran and also his written story and screenplay. The complete direction was passionate to maintain the impact of the story. The direction doesn't felt any kind of lagginess and the execution maintains the soul with touching depth to feel the actual plot. In the screenplay Advait Chandran had added the proper emotions with heart touching sentiments, love, friendship, motherhood. The movie and the story shows the impressive bond of a mother and daughter also the brother and sister relationships and the characteristic quality of the father in the movie is shown extremely cruel which proves that there are still orthodox fathers who doesn't stand up with their children's dream rather than forcing to end up their life for a marriage. The major highlight of the movie is the hard work, struggles, determination and strong wills of a teenage girl to chase her dreams and no doubt the character 'Insia Malik' will inspire millions of people. There are many movies like this and here also nothing new in the story but the movie will show the real wonders by its genuine executional style. The emotions shown in the movie will surely leave tears in your eyes and will give you the chance to make a big applause at the end. The few romance track and the situational humours in the film was portrayed beautifully. The dialogues in the movie was also having a powerful impact by justifying the actual plot. The dialogue at the climax by Insia's mother was heart warming and also the crucial dialogues in the movie will be remembered for a long time. So to conclude nothing more to mention you can see a brilliant direction throughout in the movie and the story will make you realise what were the real hard works faced by ' Insia Malik' to accomplish her passion and dreams.

The main lead actors in the movie were Zaira Wasim, Aamir Khan, Meher Vij, and Raj Arjun.
Zaira Wasim she is the real backbone of this excellent movie. No words to describe about her acting it's absolutely fantastic. She was just living with the character 'Insia Malik'. The way she portrayed the character deserves a big applause. Her emotional scenes were sensational and her few romance had also worked out surprisingly. The different expression which she show throughout the movie and the realistic approach for the character will be remembered for a long time. No doubt soon she will be ranked among the top actresses. Aamir Khan this time come up with a humour touch which was entertaining and his comedies had worked out perfectly. The supportive character was undertaken quintessential by Aamir. Meher Vij as the mother hand done a notable act which deserves a thumps up. She was simply super with her character and the climax she shines amazingly by her emotions. The kid Tirth Sharma as the friend and admirer of Isia had played an another surprising acting. His romance was cute to watch and he also did total just to his character. Raj Arjun comes up with a negative shade in his character as an unsupportive father. The cruel attitude and it's acting was impressive.

The musics and the tunes of the movie was composed by Amit Trivedi. The music plays a crucial role in giving the actual depth and the impact through the music was passed to viewers wonderfully by Amit Trivedi. All the songs were truly melodious and heart touching. There is no need to mention each songs because every songs were perfectly sinking to the movie but still the songs "Main Kaun Hoon", "l'll miss you", and "Mere Pyari Ammi" turned out be my favourites. The lyrics written by Kausar Munir was having the genuine meanings for each and every songs.
The Background score tunes had also given the core to feel the impact especially the tunes at the climax. A Big Thumps Up to Amit Trivedi for a marvellous musical work.

The technicians behind Secret Superstar  deserves a special mention in all manner because the movie offers their best efforts. The cinematography was handled by Anil Mehta. The camera frames were normal according to the story but the frames were engaged with the impact of the story and the climax shots were captured perfectly and the close up shots of guitar strings was amazing. The editing of Hemanti Sarkar was crisp and bright, the cuts for the long shots was brilliant and mismatches was not felt. The Art Department also deserves an applause for the stage works which they implemented for the song "Main Kaun Hoon" and also for the climax.

So nothing more to mention as a request please go and watch Secret Superstar from theatre itself. It's a 100% percent guaranteed movie which will  truly inspire you to chase your dreams and will also show you the ways and steps to capture your dreams and passions. At the end the movie will unveil who is the real Superstar.
Don't miss it, it's a true movie with a genuine signature of a True Cinema.

{ Thanking Aamir Khan and Advait Chandan for giving Secret Superstar }

* GRADE :  A+
*  RATING : 5/5

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