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Sarkar Tamil Movie Review And Rating

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sarkar tamil movie review

Sarkar Review And Rating

(No Spoilers)  

*Language: Tamil. 

*Genre: Political Action Thriller.

*Duration: 163 Minutes 58 seconds. 

*Theatre: Rex Cinemas. 

*Status: Houseful. 

Review by: Arunjyothi.R Valiyaveetil. 


1: Direction 

2: Story, Screenplay & Dialogues. 

3: Performance of lead actors. 

4: Music and Background Score. 

5: Cinematography. 

6: Editing 

7: Technical Department 


1: Duration but won't affect as much. 

*ONE WORD: Sarkar is an excellent choice to watch and enjoy for this Diwali.


 The plot of the movie deals with an NRI named as Sunder who is a corporate monster from America comes to India to cast his vote on the election day. But he finds out that his vote has been cast by someone else. This makes him make a battle in the field of politics; he becomes peoples representative. Rest of the story unfolds the political fight for justice. 


The movie is directed by the hitmaker A.R. Murugadoss after his semi-hit movie Spyder. The story and the screenplay is written by himself. The dialogues of the movie are written by Jayamohan along with A.R Murugadoss. First of all the director and the writer had successfully won the game to make this movie as an enjoyable political thriller. The direction done by Murugadoss was passionate and his making style of the movie was having the rightful engaging grip till the end. As the movie was targeted for a commercial political thriller with a duration of nearly 3 hours, won't make any sort of lagging for the viewers. 

 The screenplay was filled with the mix-up factors of actions, romance, comedies, social scenarios, sentiments etc. and both the director and writer had brilliantly implemented each of these factors according to the core of the plot. The movie lands in a safe zone because of the good screenplay which implements the worth watch factors of actor Vijay. 

The dialogues of the movie emerged as stiff and powerful because the conversation was having the right momentum to create its impact which will also dominate the audience to engage in the film. The majority dialogues in the movie were observant and keen which can contrive the viewers to travel within the movie. The cardinal tonality of the film focus on the life of the central character and propitiously the director and writer had stunningly portrayed without any form of bemusing elements. Importantly the primary targeted factor of showing the old and current political and social scenarios was executed excitingly and thrillingly by both the writer and director. 

One of the interesting aspects in the direction of A.R. Murugadoss was he superintend the movie much bright and impressive when it travels to the thrilling life of the central character and his journey to find justice. The storyline was passing at a fast pace and converge from time to time resulting in an upstanding direction in the sense that such a complex story can be told without boring in a high duration of nearly three hours. The most important interesting factor in the story and screenplay of A.R. Murugadoss was the outstanding representation of politics. The winning and betrayal games in the current and changing politics was shown tremendously which helps the viewers to understand the unknown facts of the political world. Moreover, various recent social issues were also shown emotionally. It is clearly evident in Sarkar that the ultimate winning credits are in the court of A.R Murugadoss through his story, screenplay and direction which conveys eventful and gives the viewers especially for the Vijay Fans with an exceptional dramatic punch and glow to celebrate. 


Coming to the casting of the movie actor Vijay steals the show with his outstanding acting. Vijay had handled the character, Sunder, amazingly. He was charming on his outlook and costumes. The movie was all about the terrific show of Vijay. His unique charismatic actions which he performs will make every viewer especially his fans to get excited and thrill. His unseen modulation in the stunts and the characterization to the central character was very impressive. Vijay's dialogue delivery in crucial scenes of the movie was sharp and its contact in the way of dispensing was vivid. Vijay's dialogue delivery in crucial scenes especially at emotional scenes was brilliant. His romance and dance moves were also scintillating. Vijay had once again shown that he is a top star actor and the right hero for making a superhit commercial movie. 

Keerthi Suresh as Nila delivered a good job. She was cute and gorgeous on her appearance. Her combination scenes with Vijay was awesome and also she had done a  wonderful job on her dance moves. 

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar as Pappa had also done a marvellous performance. The negative shades and seriousness in her character and her whole acting were prodigious. Her thrilling performance in the second half deserves a huge applause.

Radha Ravi was having the negative shade to his character which he had successfully portrayed to its core. Yogi Babu had also done total justice to his supporting character. 


The music and background score work of the movie is performed by the Oscar-winning music director A.R. Rahman. His musical work deserves a huge applause which is another huge highlight of the film. When the audio has released the songs were having a mixed response but when it comes with its original visual the songs were really melodious. Personally, I was extremely surprised by the song 'Oruviral Puratchi' sung by A.R. Rahman and Srinidhi Venkatesh by its strong lyrics. The song 'CEO in the house was also perfect by its rock tunes. Also the song 'OMG Ponnu' was superb by its tunes and romance of Vijay and Keerthi. The song 'Top Tucker' had shown and given the mass impact also the song 'Simataangaran' had made a celebration impact in theatre. The background score was spectacular and unbelievable which had made the soulful influence and impact for every scene. Overall the music of A.R Rahman deserves a huge thumbs up. 


The cinematography of Girish Gangadharan and editing of Sreekar Prasad was top class. The visuals captured by Girish Gangadharan was phenomenal especially the frames of revolution. The shots on action sequences were also extraordinary. The close-up shots and the frames in dance moves were captured incredibly. The editing of Sreekar was crisp and clear with perfect cutting without knowing any mismatches. The costume department and had also done an impressive job. The makers behind the stunts and action also deserve a special mention. Along the art department had also worked brilliantly for bringing massive sets. 


So overall the movie Sarkar gives every commercial component to entertain the viewers for nearly 3 hours by the energetic performance of the actor Vijay.  Moreover, Sarkar act as the eye which shows the real world of changing politics. To conclude no doubt, Sarkar is a fantastic choice to watch out with your friends and families during this Deepavali festival. 

*VERDICT: Excellent



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