Thursday 25 Apr, 2019

Randamoozham case will be considered on 13th

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Kozhikode: The court has postponed the petition filed by M T Vasudevan Nair relating to the case of the returning the script of Randamoozham. Kozhikode additional court postponed the considering of the case on Wednesday.

The petitioner M T Vasudevan Nair seeks the court to return the script after the director V A Sreekumar Menon delayed the shooting of the movie.

 It is a baseless claim that if any problems occurred in between shooting, it can be solved in front of a third party, K B Sivaramakrishnan told the court. So the decision is to go ahead with the case.

Nazib A Abdul Razak, the additional mosque of Kozhikode, blocked V A Sreekumar Menon from the using of Malayalam and English scripts of Randamoozham. On October 11, the M T approached the court seeking the return of the script.

The director Sreekumar Menon and the production company Earth & Air Films are the defendants. M T and Sreekumar reached agreement in August 2014. The M T told the court that there is no action was taken by the Sreekumar to make the movie and the contract was canceled. So the script needs to be returned.

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