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Ramaleela Malayalam Movie Review

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ramaleela movie review

* STATUS  : 100%

* DURATION : 158 Minutes

Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil

* PROS :
1:  Direction
2: Story
3: Screenplay
4: Cinematography
5: Editing
6: Art Direction

* CONS :
 The story can be confusing but giving more focus will solve this issue

* ONE WORD : Ramaleela is absolutely a best high packed and a genuine thrilling political movie to watch in theatres itself.

The plot of the movie tells about Advocate Ramanunni who is offered an MLA seat in Aayikkara in NSP Party. Rest of the story tells about Ramanunni's tricks and idea to win the election but he faces new challenges to overcome  lots of trouble.

The story and screenplay of the movie was done by Sachi and the direction was handled by the debutant director Arun Gopy.
As a political thriller drama the movie have every component to make the viewers to engage within the film. The writer Sachi had bring some new ideas in making the plot of the movie as fresh and new. The inner and darker shades of political parities in Kerala was well written by the writer. Most of the political films use to show the fights among the parties and here in Ramaleela the same pattern is following but the writer doesn't forget to bring up new and engaging ideas which was good and interesting. Moreover the twist and turns in the film will make every viewers thrill. The suspense in the movie won't be easily predictable because its hard to imagine. The movie is targeted for those like political thrillers and also for family audience and for them the movie is gonna be a treat. An another plus factor of the entire writings in the movie is the writer had carefully worked out well to avoid the overdramatic scenes. The way the movie travels can make a little bit of confusion but giving more focus to the story can make everything easy.
The direction was passionate and the entire execution of the movie was really good for a thrilling political film. The direction was clean and clear according to the story and screenplay. As a debutant director its promising that Arun Gopi can do much more good films in future.

Ramaleela was having a perfect star casting in all manner. Dileep handled the central character along with Mukesh, Kalabhavan Shajon, Renji Panicker, Radikaa Sharathkumar, Vijayaraghavan and Prayaga Martin. Dileep played the character Ramanunni. The performance was truly excellent. This is the kind of performance what we are expecting from Actor Dileep. As an energetic political leader the entire acting was passionate and dedicating. The anger scenes was daring and the emotional scenes were safer at the hands of Dileep. Dileep steals the entire show by his one man performance. Prayaga Martin played the character named as Helena. She was having many crucial roles in the movie and her performance was really good. Kalabhavan Shajon's  supporting character was also good. His humours were really entertaining and the situational comedies had also worked out well.Siddhique played a crucial role throughout the movie which was having lots of turnovers and as usual the performance was excellent and his Palakkad Slang Malayalam language was also good. Radikaa Sarathkumar played the character Sakhavu Raggini as the mother of Ramanunni. Her combination scenes with Dileep was really emotional and the performance was notable. Mukesh as an investigative officer did his part well. Vijayaraghavan and Suresh Krishna extended cameo performance was decent and their performance was also good.
Salim Kumar comes up with a cameo appearance in between the movie.

* MUSIC and BGM :
The Musical work of the movie was handled by Gopi Sunder. The BGM was excellent for a political thriller movie. Most of the tunes in the crucial areas of the movie had made a curiosity thrill. The two songs in the movie was good. The song "Ramaleela" had made a good impact for the scenario. Overall the Music and BGM was impressive.

The movie Ramaleela stands out with good technical aspects. The cinematography, editing, art direction,  were having a proper and genuine standard. The Cinematography by Shaji Kumar was good. The frames of Goa was captured brilliantly and the editing by Vivek Harshan was also crisp and clear, mismatches was not felt. The Art Direction team had worked out with their best effort on making a standard set of Election programs and football tournament.

So overall Ramaleela had landed up to a safe zone  with its powerful script and by the good direction. The movie is really a wroth watch film in all manner and If you love to see a good political thriller movie then Ramaleela is an absolutely perfect choice.

* GRADE : B+
* RATING : 4/5

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