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Qarib Qarib Single Movie Review

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qarib qarib single movie revie

Review and Rating for Qarib Qarib Single Hindi Movie 


* STATUS : 80%




Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil








* CONS : Nothing In The Movie Can Be Categorised Into  Average Level, Perfect In All Manner

* ONE WORD : A Pure Feel Good Travel Movie Which Is A Complete Must Watch.


The movie tells about Yogi (Irfan Khan) and Jaya (Parvathy) who meets through a dating website. To explore themselves Yogi decided to make a trip  along with Jaya to meet his 3 Ex Girlfriends. Rest of the story tells their fun, emotions and love during their trip.


First of all a big thumps and a huge applause to the Writer and Director Tanuja Chandra and also to the writers Kamana Chandra and Gazal Dhaliwal for gifting an amazing movie. The way the movie travels will definitely give you some different feel good factors and that's the major highlight of this beautiful movie. As a writer and director Tanuja Chandra had done an excellent job. Actually the core strength of the movie is its romantic plot with the effective beautiful visualization along with the outstanding performance of actors. The director had given her best efforts in passing the original feel to the viewers which makes this film as one the best movie of the year. The entire direction was passionate and the making was also steady and bright according to its plot. As a travelogue film all the components in the movie makes us travel along with it by giving the actual feel and depth and it's all due to the beautiful direction of Tanuja Chandra. The interesting factor is that the making style was having an engaging holdup till the end without any kind of single lagginess. In the screenplay also Tanuja Chandra and Gazal Dhaliwal had mixed up the factors of fun, romance, engaging travel plans, desires, craziness, understandings etc with beautiful ideas which makes this film engaging till the end. The places like Dehradun,Rishikesh, Alwar and Gangtok shows the best exploring sites with mix of fun, romance, emotions and madness. The dialogues written by Gazal Dhaliwal also gives the impact to feel its real depth so the controlled and balanced writing makes this movie as perfect in all manner. So the first wining key credits goes to the director and writer Tanuja Chandra followed by the screenplay writer Kamana Chandra and the dialogue writer Ghazal Dhaliwal with a big loving Hats Off.


The movie comes up with the casting of Irfan Khan and Parvathy performing the central characters. Irfan Khan as usual steals the show by his unique performance. Once again I am impressed on his timings on telling the dialogues. A complete realistic acting was seen on his performance. The innocence and humor track on the character was beautifully played by Irrfan Khan. The situational comedies had also worked out brilliantly. Irrfan's mysterious attitude was also interesting to watch and the romance was also portrayed perfectly. Parvathy as the heroine also done her character excellently. Her widow character was beautifully played and her desires, fun, craziness, romance every thing and it's style was performed perfectly. The combination scenes of Irrfan and Parvathy is the major wining success of this film. The casting was perfect and both of them had given their best to make this movie a must watch. The romance, their fun, their anger and both of them missing each other was shown magically. The intense between both of them was  realistic and genuine. So nothing more should be explained, should watch their performance and feel it, describing more can  make this spoiler but one thing is assured that both the character Jaya and Yogi will remain in your heart for a long time.


The technical side of the movie was at top class in all manner. The cinematography captures the best visuals good musics along with best editing, costumes and art direction. The Music and BGM was composed by Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor which was nice with the light hearted manner and pure feel good background score. The song in the second half showing Irrfan's travel was superb and the background score was also much impressive than the musics. Especially the BGM at the comedy tracks and the BGM used on second half on meeting the ex girlfriends was impressive. The song towards the climax will make you feel its depth and it's the most beautiful which I had heard recently. The cinematography was handled by Eeshit Narain. He captures the best visuals of night frames, shots of adventure sport, travels, frames of Northern Urban areas etc. The Editing of Chandan Arora was also crisp and clean. The long cuts were perfect and mismatches was not felt. The Costume Designs by Kirti Kolwankar and Maria Tharakan was different according to the each style of different places portrayed in the movie. The Art Direction by Seema Kashyap was also according to the culture of each and every places shown in the movie which was really good.


So overall the film Quarib Quarib Single had given me a different heart full experience because of its feel good elements and by the making and by its  story so without any hesitation I can say that this is a good worth watch for a big time. So if you are seeking to watch a light hearted comedy travelogue movie then Quarib Quarib Singlle is the perfect choice to get entertained in all manner.


*  GRADE : A

*  RATING : 4/5

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