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Pokkiri Simon Movie Review

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pokkiri simon movie review


* Theatre : Carnival Cinemas Kollam (Screen 2)
*  Status : 60%

* Language : Malayalam
* Genre : Comedy Action
*  Duration :   147 Minutes

Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil 

1: Cinematography
2: Performance of lead actors
3: Decent Editing

* CONS :
1: Average Direction
2: Story
3: Screenplay
4: Music and BGM
5: Dance Choreography

* ONE WORD  : Pokkiri Simon : Oru Kadutha Aarathakan is a waste of time and money, disappoints a big time....

The plot of the movie deals with Simon, Biju and Ganesh the local boys who are the die hard Vijay  Fans. Simon falls in love with an another Vijay fan girl and they started to love each other. Though their parents wish them to earn a good living but the gang leads a careless life and their further life involves in a risky mess.

The story and screenplay of K. Ampady is the major drawback of this movie. The story doesn't offer anything new for the viewers. A lot of repeated factors of many commercial movies had been over dosed to the entire plot. The romance track of the movie was also having many cliches. As a movie targeted for youth and family audience the movie lacks to impress the viewers by its below average targeted contents. The entire plot was predictable and the way the writer had ended the story is completely pathetic. The twist and suspense in the movie was really bad and it was predictable from the beginning itself. Moreover the cliches such as hero trying to impress the heroine and falling in love with her, saving the sister from the bad college boys, fighting with the criminals who comes to threat the family, hero solo fight against a racket, a good man in the society turning as the main villain and much more, still wondering why did the makers go on with these kind of usual ideas.
The plot of the movie tells a social issue towards the climax and it was good but the way they portrayed the subject doesn't give an impact.
The Direction by Jijo Antony was also just ok, not perfect in all manner. He managed the movie to end up on a decent direction. Basically the writer spoiled the entire movie.

The central characters of the movie was handled by Sunny Wayne, Sarath Kumar, Jacob Gregory, , Tito Wilson and Dileesh Pothan.
The hero character was done by Sunny Wayne as Simon. Overall the performance was decent and ok. His performance at the romance area was good and the action sequences was also decent but still he should put more effort. Sarath Kumar as the treasurer of Vijay Fans did a good job. His dance steps was rocking and his emotional scenes was also good. Jacob Gregory as the friend of Simon and a Vijay Fan did a decent performance. His situational humors was ok and his college threaten scene to bad boys was daring but at some areas his comedy timings doesn't matched perfectly. Tito Wilson and Shammy Thilakan handled the negative shade character and their performance was rgood.
Dileesh Pothan plays a crucial role in the movie and he did total justice to his character.
The supporting roles of Nedumudi Venu was also ok and Hemanth Menon and Siddique comes with a cameo performance.

The music and background score was handled by Gopi Sunder. The music was not much impressive and the background score was not at all good. The lack of a good background score was missing throughout the film. The song sung by Karthik in the second half was the only decent song in the movie. Overall the musical work of Gopi Sunder disappoints.

The technical aspects of the movie was also less impressive expect the cinematography. The cinematography was handled by Pappinu and the DOP was decent and good. The editing was not that great, some mismatches was there but overall decent. The dance choreography was really annoying and pathetic especially dance movie of a romantic song in the second half with children

So to conclude Pokkiri Simon: Oru Kadutha Aaradhakan had given me a below average experience in all aspects because of its pathetic storyline. For the Vijay Fans the movie may be fine but won't be great, watch this film at your own risk.

RATING : 3/10

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