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Petta Movie Review : A worthy complete engaging thriller which makes Rajinified

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Review for PETTA :
(No Spoilers)
*Language: Tamil.
*Genre: Action Thriller.
*Duration: 172 Minutes.
*Status: 80%
1: Direction
2: Story, Screenplay and Dialogues.
3: Performance of lead actors.
4: Cinematography.
5: Music.
6: Editing.
1: Some VFX.
2: Dubbing Issues.
ONE WORD: A worthy complete engaging thriller which makes Rajinified. 
Petta tells about Kali who joins as a new hostel warden in a college. He conquers the heart of students in the hostel by his supportive and helping attitude. Soon the story moves into conflict when we came across some group of gangsters.
The movie is directed by Karthik Subbaraj who is famous for his work like Pizza, Jigarthanda, Iraivi and Mercury. This time with the Super Star Rajinikanth he had a spectacular mass action film to entertain. In each and every single movie of Karthik Subbaraj, a new way of making and treatment can be witnessed. In Petta, Karthik Subbaraj had once again shown his excellent directional signature which made the movie to end as a standard engaging mass action movie. The story is also written himself and the plot of the movie doesn't have much freshness but the way he executed the film with his outstanding screenplay and dialogues made Petta as a complete worth watch movie. The story has been taken and it had a resemblance to many Tamil movies of the '80s and '90s but still, the way he had written the screenplay and the brilliance in making was truly exceptional. The director had used the star value of Rajinikanth successfully according to the story and screenplay. Importantly there were chances to create lots of confusion when the movie tracks to the main plot but the maker had effectively won to write the screenplay to avoid confusing factors. The screenplay of the movie was having the combined elements of actions, sentiments, humour, emotions etc, and fortunately, Karthik Subbaraj had implemented these elements blazingly without losing the engaging grip of the film.
Like I said earlier a unique way of style can be always witnessed in the making of Karthik Subbaraj and here it can be said that his masterly direction by keeping the genuine depth of the plot constructed Petta as one of the best films in his carrier. The movie was also cleverly targeted for the action movie lovers and also for Rajini fans and the maker had also won to conquer the heart of the targeted audiences by his skilful making.
Moreover, the dialogues of the movie written by Karthik Subbaraj was extremely powerful and strong because the conversation said by the characters gives an authentic sense to experience the mass feel and presence of the film.
Basically, the movie focuses on the life of the central characters and brightly the director had generated the life of these central characters as a power-packed mass action film. The situations and incidents in the plot converge with twist and suspense which concluded Petta as a marvellous direction in the sense that an action story can be told without boring in a duration of nearly 3 hours.
Therefore to conclude the first winning credits are in the hands of Karthik Subbaraj by his well-well-written, screenplay and hard worked direction which conveys eventful and gives the audience especially for the Rajini Fans with terrific mass dramatic punches to celebrate.
Super Star Rajinikanth plays the central character called Kali also know as Petta. In the age of 68 years, he had done a tremendous job which deserves a huge applause. What an energetic performance, no words to describe he just stole the show. The way he performed the actions, the unique style which he expresses, the methods he uses to deliver emotional scenes and everything he executes earns a big thumbs up. No one can replace him to do the character, Kali. Also, his romantic scenes with actresses in the film were also affectionate. Petta is all about a gigantic comeback of Rajinikanth.
Vijay Sethupathi as Jithu also delivered a phenomenal performance. His characterization to Jithu was really impressive and he acted out it brilliantly. His actions and the style on it were also superb. The Hindi language which he uses in the movie was also having the right momentum. His emotional scenes were also excellent. Moreover, his combination scenes with Rajinikanth was also a treat to watch. 
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Singaaram also done a remarkable performance. The various shades in his character were amazing. A true a sense of behaving was witnessed in thr performance of Nawazuddin Siddiqui. His dubbing was having slight mismatches but his entire performance was magnificent.
Trisha and Simran were looking gorgeous as the heroines and they also delivered a good notable performance. Megha Akash and Malavika Mohanan did total justice to their respective characters. The supporting characters of M. Sasi Kumar, Sananth Reddy and Bobby Simha was also sensational.
The musical work of the movie is composed by the hitmaker Anirudh Ravichander. The song "Marana Mass" written by Vivek and sung by Anirudh Ravichander, S.P Balasubrahmanyam was massive which had created a mass impact in theatre. The song "Ilamayi Thirumbate" written by Dhanush and sung by Anirudh was really melodious. Both the songs "Petta Parak" and "Aaha Kalayanam" was also impressive. The background score composed by Anirudh was also superb. The Petta Theme was on the high mass level and the BGM for Rajinikanth was great. The soundtrack of Anirudh Ravichander is one of the highlights Petta.
The cinematography of Thiru was exceptional with brilliant shots. The camera movements for actions sequences were breathtaking. Thiru had also captured the beautiful visuals of mountains and its surroundings formidably.
The editing done by Vivek Harshan was also crisp and clear without knowing and feeling mismatches. The team behind Art Department also deserves a big notable mention for making a tremendous set. The action choreographer had also done a wonderful job to build impressive actions for Rajinikanth and Vijay Sethupathi.
It is clear and evident that the entire technical division of the film had done an excessive job to make Petta as stunning and powerful.
So overall Petta is a complete worth watch experience and a perfectly baked action-packed movie which gives a sterling comeback for Rajinikanth. If you love to watch an engaging action movie or if you are a fan of Rajinikanth then Petta is also about your first choice. Go for it to get Rejinified.
• RATING: 4/5.  
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