Tuesday 21 May, 2019

Pakida to hit theaters today

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Abhi, CP, Pauly, Balu- four automobile engineering graduates, celebrate their lives in a metro. One day, an unexpected guest came to their life. George Kosi-a 55 year old man became an inevitable part of their life ,but they feel something mysterious in them. Once Abhi and George Kosi travel together and there occurs a series of incidents on the way...Sunil Karyattukara's Pakida develops from this point. Biju Menon Plays the central character George Kosi. Asif Ali (Abhi), Aju Vargese (CP), Vishnu (Rafeeq), Sujith (Pauly) and Anjo (Balu) are playing the roles of five ambitious youths. The film produced under the banner of Sagar and Sea Gulf productions will hit the theaters on Valentines Day (Februray 4).

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