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Oru Adaar Love Review : A movie which failed miserably to beat its expectations

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oru adaar love review
Review for Oru Adar Love:
•Language: Malayalam.
Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama. 
Duration:  02 Hours 25 Minutes.
Status: 70%. 
1: Music & Background score. 
2: Cinematography 
3: Editing. 
4: Performance of actors. 
1: Direction. 
2: Story 
3: Screenplay 
4: Dialogues. 
ONE WORD: A movie which failed miserably to beat its expectations. 
Oru Adaar Love revolves around the life of Roshan who is in love with Priya her classmate. Rest of the story deals with the love of Roshan and the friendship of his classmates. 
The movie is directed by Omar Lulu after his hit movie Chunks. This time with Oru Adaar Love he teams with a group of teenagers to make a romantic comedy movie. 
The anticipation and the hype created by the movie had made a big impact on social media and among youth and teenagers. The song 'Manikaya Malaraya Poovi' in the movie had grabbed the attention of all over the world by the single romantic scene of the newcomer actress Priya Prakash Warrier. Also the song 'Freek Penne' had made another record by hitting the most dislike button for an Indian film song. So the mix-up factors of hype and negative words had made the movie to build an expectation to watch out. 
First of all the direction of Omar Lulu was pathetic and also, the story written by himself was really overdramatic which doesn't offer anything new for the audience. The complete story was felt like a cliche without having any sort of originality. The maker had targeted for a complete romantic comedy movie but the romance and the love showed in the film was not at all having a life to give its feel. The unmatured writing of Omar Lulu is the first drawback of Oru Adaar Love. 
Importantly the school life appeared in the movie and also the dating of the couples was really exaggerating to the extent. The few comedies in the first half were entertaining but when the movie tracks to the main plot the movie suffers a lot to make an engaging watch for the audience because of the unworked screenplay and cliche storyline. 
The screenplay by Sarang Jayaprakash and Lijo Panada was having the mixup factors of love, friendship, emotions, etc, but sadly expect friendship the writers had failed to execute other elements to show its intensity. If the director and writers had given more efforts to the screenplay and direction, Oru Adaar Love could have been ended as a decent watchable romantic movie. 
When looking to the story the plot was good but the way the director wrote and the way he executed the film by diverting from the subject made the movie lifeless. In the first half, the maker had given unnecessary importance to Priya.P. Warrior and her romance. If the important turns in the story were starting by the first half the movie could have got intensity but sadly every crucial twist and turns were only used in the second half which destroyed the movie and the soul of the plot. Still wondering why the makers had ended the movie with an unmatched climax. 
The dialogues were also average which doesn't give the true impact. The dialogues at the comedy scenes were good which entertained in many areas but the conversations lead by the central characters at romantic scenes was moderate. The writes could have concentrated more for bringing an authentic feel to set the scenes for giving a feel. 
The performance of actors by the newcomers such as Roshan Abdul Rahoof, Priya Prakash Warrior, Noorin Sherif, Siyadh Shajahan, Roshan Aan Joy, Aneesh.G.Menon, Shivaji Guruvayoor. 
Roshan who played the character called Roshan did a notable performance. His appearance and outlook were charming. His romantic scenes were superb, especially with Noorin Sherif. The dance moves of Roshan was also rocking. 
Noorin Sherif as Gadha was brilliant among all other newcomers. Her entire acting was amazing. Her outlook was impressive and the performance was having the genuine standard. 
Priya Prakash Warrier as Priya was gorgeous on her appearance. She was good at her romantic scenes with Roshan. Her popular eye scene was amazing to watch at the big screen. The overall performance of Priya was impressive. 
Siyadh Shajahan was hilarious with his humour and the supporting roles of Roshan Aan Joy and Aneesh.G.Menon as teachers did complete justice to their respective characters. The cameo appearance of Siddhique was also good. 
The musical works of the movie are composed by the hitmaker Shaan Rahman. The songs composed by Shaan Rahman was melodious with the tuneful tracks. The hit song 'Manikya Malaraya Povai' sung by Vinneth Sreenivasan was beautiful to hear by its powerful lyrics written by P.M.A Jabbar. 
The song 'Freek Penne' was good with its powerful beats but was unimpressive with its visuals. The song 'Munnale Ponaale" sung by Haricharan and written by Pearle Maaney set the good visuals of school romance. Also, the song 'Maahiye' was impressive which had perfectly matched to show the friendship scenes. The title song in the move had similarities to the track 'Kodikayarana Pooramayi' of Aadu. 
The cinematography of Sinu Sidharath was brilliant with some impressive romantic close up shots of the actors. The visuals of the school were also taken perfectly and the editing of Achu Vijayan was crisp and cleat without feeling mismatches. 
So overall Oru Adaar Love is a failed attempt which had given me a worst romantic movie experience by its heart-rending story, direction and screenplay. Therefore to conclude its better to watch this movie at your own risk. 
VERDICT: Below Average. 
RATING: 1.5/5. 
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