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Odiyan Movie Review

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odiyan movie review
Review for Odiyan: 
(No Spoilers)
*Language: Malayalam
*Genre: Fantasy Action Drama.
*Duration: 167 Minutes. 
*Theatre: JB Cinemas Kollam. 
*Status: Houseful. 
• PROS: 
1: Performance of lead actors. 
2: Story. 
3: Cinematography. 
4: Music. 
5: Editing. 
1: Direction. 
2: Half-baked Screenplay. 
3: Mediocre Graphics Work. 
4: Art Direction. 
An interesting fantasy storyline sadly spoiled by worst making. 
Odiyan tells about the life of Manikyan who lives in Tenkurissi in Palakkad district of Kerala. He was the last tribe of the Odiyan community who does the black magic followed from his ancestors. From Varanasi, Manikyan returns to his hometown after 15 years to prove his innocence against 2 murders which were framed on him. Rest of the story is followed by various flashbacks, emotions, love and revenge. 
The movie is directed by the debutant director V.A Shrikumar Menon. The story, screenplay and dialogues are written by Harikrishnan. 
 The direction of V.A Shrikumar Menon is the first important factor which makes Odiyan end up as an average film. The movie could have been great if the making style of the movie was having the right soul to live up within the story. The story was having every component for a fascinating fantasy thriller but the director couldn't establish the right elements to give the right impact for the story. The movie was aimed at bringing out the mysterious Odiyan customs which was also tracked with emotions but was miserably failed to give the best. 
In the end, it is evident that the movie was landed on a failed stage due to the unpassionate direction and half-baked screenplay. The screenplay of the movie was having the mixup factors of actions, love, emotions, lust, fantasy, betrayal etc, but sadly director himself had failed to execute these elements to show its intensity. If the efforts were given more to the screenplay and direction, Odiyan could have been one the best fantasy thrillers in South Indian Cinemas. 
The dialogues written by Harikrishnan was good but not great. The conversations in the movie were powerful at crucial scenes especially before and after the actions and also at emotional scenes. Some of the dialogues were really dramatic which disturbs the engaging grip of the film.
The central tonality of the movie is focused on thr life of the central characters and Odiyan customs which the writer and the director himself had implanted with the unengaging elements especially when the movie travels to show the flashbacks and present. The lengthy duration also resulted in boring specifically in the second half. The songs were not really matching to the scenarios to set the scenes, particularly the romantic song in the second half. The first of ok which was interesting with a good interval punch but the second half was lagging with repeated cliché factors which had destroyed the energy of the story. The story was travelling at a fast pace which offers eventful but nothing really worked out to give a strong punch. Moreover, when the movie reaches the climax the actions sequences and fantasy concepts were totally overdramatic and unsuitable. 
So after watching the movie, it is clearly apparent that the ultimate failing credits lie in the hands of the director V.A Shrikumar, writer Harikrishnan and producer Antony Perumbavoor. If their effort was given for making and writing rather than giving over publicity and huge promotion the movie could have been one of the best of this year. To conclude Odiyan is a movie which failed to meet the expectations. 
Coming to the casting of the movie the central character Odiyan Manikyan is played by the complete actor Mohanlal. Prakash Raj as Ravunni, Manju Warrier as Prabha, Sana Althaf as Meenakshi, Manoj Joshi as Muthappan, Siddique as Damodharan Nair, Innocent as Gopi Mash, Narain as Prakashan, Kailash as Ravi, Nadhu as Ezhuthachan also does their performance. 
The casting of the movie was perfect and amazing. This average movie was really saved by the actor Mohanlal to an extent, no one else can perform as Odiyan Manikyan rather than him. He had given his best, the body transformation of fat to fit was excellent. The action sequences were terrific and shocking. Also, his emotional scenes were great. The outlook of Odiyan Manikyan was genuinely matching for him. His powerful voice was also magnificent. His close up shots, thrilling action sequences and smashing dialogues gives a treat to watch, especially for his fans. 
Prakash Raj as Ravunni was having a negative shade character which he performed brilliantly. But still, the voice given to him was poor, the selection of dubbing artist had disappointed. His performance was filled with betrayal, lust and greed and each of these was safer in his hands. As a villain, he did his acting part delightfully. 
Manju Warrier as Prabha did her part well. She was looking gorgeous and the cuteness was also seen in her performance. Sana Althaf as Meenakshi also surprised by her good performance which deserves a thumbs up. 
 Manoj Joshi as Muthappan did an amazing job which deserves applause. Siddique, Innocent, Narian, Nandhu, Kailash had given total justice to their supporting characters. 
The cameo role of the producer Antony Perumbavoor could have been avoided. 
 The musical work of the movie was performed by M. Jayachandran and Sam C.S. The soundtrack of the movie was done by M Jayachandran. The movie consists of five songs. The song "Maanam" written by Rafeeq Ahamed sung by Shreya Ghoshal was melodious. Also, the end credit song "Enoruvan" written by Prabha Varma sang by actor Mohanlal was good. The song "Kondoram" was unwanted in the movie but singers Shreya Ghoshal and Sudeep Kumar made it good to hear with its beautiful lyrics written by Rafeeq Ahamed. The song "Muthappante" sung by M.G Sreekumar written by Lakshmi Shrikumar had given a firm impact which describes the powerful relationship of Odiyan and his grandfather. 
 The background score for the movie was composed by Sam C.S making as his debutant musical work in Malayalam film industry. The signature BGM for the character Odiyan was superb. Also, the background score at action sequences and emotional scenes were perfect. Overall the musical work of the film had impressed. 
The cinematography and editing were stunning and graphical works were mediocre, sadly the art direction had really disappointed.  
The cinematography of Shaji Kumar was splendid. He captures the best natural visuals of Tenkurissi. Also, the camera movements in action sequences were majestic. The close-up shots of actor Mohanlal on crucial scenes show the right heroism. The brilliant editing of Johnkutty was crisp and clear. The cuts were perfect without feeling any mismatches. 
The graphics in the movie were mediocre. It was good on action sequences but to build its fresh shocking impacts for an eye the graphics were not that powerful. The graphics movements in action were shocking but still the CGI in showing the certain shapeshifting of Odiyan character was average. Also, the graphics works on the song "Kondoram" was pathetic. The makers claim that they had to spend crores of rupees in graphics but nothing innovative was seen.Another disappointing technical aspect in the movie is art department works. 
The sets were unrealistic especially the tea shop and Tenkurissi junction in the flashback which was not having a naturality. 
So overall Odiyan is a movie with a fascinating storyline which ended up by giving a disappointing experience because of the poor screenplay and bad execution. Watching with huge expectations will surely give disappointment. So to conclude, Odiyan is a not a bad choice for the one-time watch and can also buy the tickets to watch another energetic performance of the complete actor Mohanlal. 
• RATING: 2.5/5 
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