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Njan Prakashan Review : An interesting fun packed emotional family movie

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njan prakashan review
Review of Njan Prakashan :
(No Spoilers)
*Language: Malayalam
*Genre: Comedy Drama. 
*Duration: 02 Hours 11 Minutes. 
*Theatre: Carnival Cinemas Kollam.  
*Status: Houseful. 
  • PROS: 
1: Direction 
2: Story, Screenplay, Dialogues 
3: Performance of lead actors. 
4: Music. 
5: Cinematography.   
  • CONS:
1: Story is good but predictable. 
  • ONE WORD: An interesting fun packed emotional family movie. 
  • Review by: Arunjyothi.R Valiyaveetil. 
Njan Prakashan revolve around the life of Prakashan who changes his name to P.R Akash to sound cool. He is graduated in nursing and wishes to go abroad. Also, he is an unemployed youth. So one day his ex-girlfriend comes to visit him and his life began to start with various changes. Rest of the story deals with the various life-changing incidents of Prakashan. 
Njan Prakashan is directed by the hitmaker Sathyan Anthikad along with actor Sreenivasan who handles the story,  screenplay and dialogues. The combination of Sathyan Anthikad and Sreenivasan is one of the major highlights of the film. 
The director Sathyan Athikad usually drives his movies by giving importance to life and its emotion followed by humour. Here in Njan Prakashan also he executes the movie in this pattern. The direction of Sathyan Anthikad was wonderful and the writings of Sreenivasan makes Njan Prakashan as a perfect feel-good family movie. The making of Sathyan Anthikad was passionate and the direction was moving on the right path to maintain the soul of the story. The direction of Sathyan Anthikad was having faultless engaging grip till the end without any kind of boredom factors. His making was wonderful and the direction was smooth and fine to execute the entertaining comedies. 
Interestingly the screenplay of the movie was having the combined elements of comedies, family elements, emotions etc and both the director and writer had genuinely implemented these factors as stated to the story. Importantly the dialogues were meritorious which can dominate the viewers to travel with the movie. The making of the movie travels by the comedy backdrop. Both first half and second half is filled with many situation comedies. So the writer Sreenivasan had made an outstanding job in making the right comedies. The story is predictable but the well-written screenplay makes Njan Prakashan as an enjoyable family movie. 
In the story and screenplay, the writer had given importance to various life incidents tracked on passing out a feel-good presence for viewers along with entertaining comedies. 
The right reason and explanation for the various incidents given in the plot are convincing. The various emotions of life are also portrayed amazingly. 
Coming to the dialogues of the movie the conversation of the movie emerged as exceptional because of the communication and talking between each and every character were having the intense momentum to build the impact which will definitely influence the viewers to travel within the film. Most of the dialogues in the movie were closer to life which manages the viewers to realise the feel of the movie. 
Therefore to conclude both the director Sathyan Athikad and writer Sreenivasan won the ultimate winning credits to make Njan Prakashan as an awesome family movie. 
The movie comes up with Fahadh Fazil as Prakashan, Sreenivasan as Gopalji and Nikhila Vimal as Salomi. Three of them plays the central characters of the film. Along Aneesh. G. Menon, Manju Sunichen, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Veena Nair and Sabitha Anand join the cast. 
Fahadh Fazil as Prakashan did another best performance. Each and every single bit he delivered was fantastic which deserves a thumbs up. The humour timings in the dialogue delivery were wonderful. The naturality in the characterization was excellent. The innocence in the character Prakashan was executed brilliantly. It was a complete package of Fahadh giving with a mind-blowing performance. 
Sreenivasan as Gopalji also did a brilliant performance. He had done a great job in humour areas. The situational comedies of Sreenivasan had worked out well. 
Nikhila Vimal as Salomi also did a notable job. Her performance was pretty good and looks cute. The debutant actress who did the character Teena Mol deserves a big applause for her remarkable acting. Her combination scenes with Fahadh is a major plus factor of the film. 
The musical work for the movie was composed by Shaan Rahman. He himself tuned the songs and background score for the film. The song "Aathmavin" was really melodious which was sung by Gowri Lakshmi and Shaan. Also, the song "Omal Thamara" was good with its visuals. The background score of Shaan Rahman was fantastic. The background score on humour areas of the movie was superb. On emotional scenes, the feel of background score was on another great level. The tunes for sentimental scenes were marvellous. 
The cinematography is handled by S.Kumar and the Editing is done by K. Rajagopal. The camera works of S.Kumar was perfect which captures the good visuals of city and village areas.
So overall Njan Prakashan is an incredible family movie filled with fun, love, comedies and emotion. No doubt Njan Prakashan is a fantastic choice especially for families and for those who love to watch a perfect feel-good family movie. 
  • VERDICT: Excellent 
  • Rating: 3.75/5. 
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