Friday 26 Apr, 2019

New Short Film Kuliscene

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And the Wait is over... Kuliscene, a Rahul K Shaji Directorial debut is all set to hit youtube on November 8. This mass viral entertainer has already made it to the most awaited Big budget, big entertainer short movies to be made. The Radio Gaints RJ Mathukutty,RJ Mithun & RJ Shaafi,Jinu Ben (Kullan in 5 Sundarikal), Jins Bhasker (Annayum Rasoolum fame) join hands for this flick on the lead with Vaigha the actress. This story, well scripted by Ajay Stephen has power packed action, thrills and fun which keeps you on your feet the entire reel span. The 'Kuliscene' promo teaser which released in youtube is a biggest hit  which crossed 5000+ views in just 40 hours.

The movie is about a youngster's life changing after he attempts to peep a local woman bathing in a village riverside. The movie,  though crafted on the witty side, is also a thought provoker on  social stigmas prevailing in villages. The camera work by Rajesh Subramanyan will be one big treat in this short motion picture and is sure to set many benchmarks aside.Editing is done by Aswin Krishna. The magical music by Sruthi Laxmi has added to the flavour for a good feast on internet. Director Rahul K Shaji who is a well known figure in the film industry as exhibitor is very optimistic on the reception of this short movie.

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