Monday 25 Mar, 2019

Mohanlal Amma's President, General Secretary Edavela Babu

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Kochi: Actor Mohanlal will be the new President of Amma. General Secretary Edavela Babu. The presidential position vacant after current President Innocent leaved the position recently.

No other candidate has been selected because no other nominee is filed. The new decisions will be announced on June 24 at Amma's Annual General Meeting held in Cochin.

Vice President Mohanlal was considered as the President after the innocent expressed interest to leave the position. Idavela Babu was General Secratary for 18 years. Currently Mammooty is General Secratary.

The new Governing Council will take over three years to June 24.  KB Ganesh Kumar, Mukesh (Vice Presidents), Siddiq-Joint Secretary, Jagadish-Treasurer. Indrans, Sudheer Karamana, Jayasurya, Baburaj, Asif Ali, Tini Tom, Aju Varghese, Honey Rose, Shweta Menon, Rachana Narayanankutty and Muthumani are the 11 members of the Governing Council.

This time, the governing body of women's representation is the highest. On completion of the election process on June 14, the committee will have official confirmation.

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