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Malayalam Movie 9 Review : A virtuous journey to the world of science and horror

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Review for 9
•Language: Malayalam.
Genre: Science Fiction Horror Drama. 
Duration: 02 Hours 29 Minutes. 
Status: 80%. 
1: Direction. 
2: Story 
3: Cinematography. 
4: Music and Background Score. 
5: Technical Aspects. 
1: Half baked Screenplay 
ONE WORD: A virtuous journey to the world of science and horror. 
9 revolves around the life of Albert Lewis and his son Adam. Albert is as a reputed scientist who is well known in the world of Cosmo Science. An unknown comet from galaxy arrives at the earth which can last for 9 days. So due to the comet, the entire world gets stuck without electricity. Rest of the story unfolds the 9 days of happening in the life of Albert and his son with exciting twist and turns. 
The movie is directed by Jenuse Mohamed after his debutant movie 100 Days Of Love. 
This time by the movie 9 Jenuse Mohamed joins with Prithviraj Sukumaran on teaming with Sony Pictures and Prithviraj Productions. 
Along with the direction, Jenuse Mohamed writes the story, screenplay and dialogues. The story written by Jenuse Mohamed for making a science fiction horror film deserves a special mention. The story starts with a science fiction backdrop followed by horror scenarios. The story of 9 was having the right potential for making a faultless science fiction horror film and the writer had brilliantly written the plot. From the beginning itself the story was promising and when the movie tracks to the main plot the film explains various myths, facts of science on a horror backdrop ending with surprising and stunning mysteries. 
An interesting fact after watching 9 is that the movie gives many interesting questions with ideas to think to solve and find the mystery which the makers aimed. The making of the film was top class with the passionate direction which was having the right engaging grip throughout the end. With the proper usage of graphic works, the director had executed the entire film by giving the authentic feel to understand the depth of the plot.  
The director Jenuse Mohamed had brightly used the potential of Prithviraj victoriously according to the story and screenplay to maintain the impact. By the well-written story and dialogues, Jenuse Mohamed had avoided the chances to make lagging. The story is thrilling from the beginning with some interesting twist and suspense. 
The screenplay of the movie was having the elements of parenthood, sentiments, emotions, love, fear etc, therefore the maker had applied these elements moderately to maintain the soul of the plot. The story was giving hope from the beginning for something different but the story was compromised by focusing on the life of the central characters. The plot was having many areas to establish fear factors for the horror scenes but sadly nothing new was witnessed. Moreover, the unknown creature shown in the movie which plays a crucial role was having a pathetic look to make fear. The second half was slightly losing a grip because of the half baked screenplay, if the maker had put little more effort to organise something different for creating horror scenes 9 could have been ended as complete worth watch film. 
The dialogues written by the director was extremely powerful because the conversation between each and every character was having the right package of soulful momentum to build the impact which will definitely dominate every viewer to engage in the film.
The making style of Jenuse Mohamed for his first was impressive and when he comes to his second film the execution was having a high-quality standard resulting on a clever direction constructed 9 as one of the best brave attempts in Malayalam film industry.
The movie 9 comes with the casting of Prithviraj Sukumaran as the hero along Mamta Mohandas and Wamiqa Gabbi played as the heroines. Master Alok also plays a crucial throughout character. Actors like Prakash Raj, Tony Luke, Sekhar Menon, Vishal Krishna joins with the movie. 
Prithviraj Sukumaran as Albert Lewis was extraordinary by his flawless performance. No words to describe, his each and every scene and the performance for it was wonderful. Whatever the plot demands Prithviraj had given a fantastic result of characterization. His various characterization to the character Alber Lewis deserves a huge applause. His sentimental scenes were imposing which portrays great emotions. The looks were stylish which was phenomenal for his romantic scenes. The way he talks and the way he handles the character with his stellar voice gives the best dialogue deliveries. Also, he was superb on his romantic scenes. 
Wamiqa Gabbi as the heroine who played the character Ava was also shocking with her first-rate performance. The various character shades in her character were acted out amazingly. Her outlook and appearance were perfectly matching the character. The voice and dubbing were vivid and the combination scenes with Prithviraj was marvellous. 
Mamta Mohandas as Annie also did a notable performance. Her character was crucial but screen space was less but whatever she had she performed perfectly. 
Prakash Raj as Dr Inayat Khan did total justice to his character.  The cameo appearance of Adhil Ibrahim and Rahul Madhav was also good. The debutant actor Master Alok as Adam was marvellous by his intense acting and throughout in his acting, an ideal way of presentation was observed. His combination scenes with Prithviraj was absolutely fabulous to watch.  
There was only one song which was composed by Shaan Rahman and the Background Score was tuned by Sekhar Menon. The hitmaker Shaan Rahman through 9 had one once again done his magical composition. The songs were melodious especially the track 'Akale'. The song 'Akale' sung by Harib Hussian and Anne Amie as purely romantic by the strong vocals and tunes. 
The Background Score tuned by Sekhar Menon was also brilliant. For the scenes which had horror elements, the BGM had created another level of thrilling mood. Also, the background scores had perfectly matched for emotional scenes. 
The cinematography handled by Abinandhan Ramanujam was stunning which created a best unforgettable viewing experience. The dark shades shot was fascinating and the visuals of Delhi and college premises was also captured genuinely. The cinematography was on a top winning level because the visuals were closely pointing out each and every crucial and important link of the movie. The impressive camera movements for the stunts and chases were spell bounding. Importantly the visuals of Manali and Split Valley was also captured amazingly. 
The editing of Shammer Muhammed was sharp and crisp without making any kind of mismatches. The Graphic Department of the film had also finished their VFX works ultimately resulting in a standard art of work. The sets of Art Director was also awesome and the costumes designed by Sameera Saneesh were also exemplary. 
So overall 9 is a completely different movie that Malayalam film industry had never witnessed before also it's a brave and superlative attempt which had given me an enjoyable experience. To conclude if you love to watch a good high minded science fiction horror film then 9 can be all yours. 
  • RATING: 3/5. 
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