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Mahesh Babu Movie Spyder Review

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mahesh babu movie spyder review

*  STATUS : 40%

Review By : â€‹Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil

* PROS :
1: Direction
2: Cinematography
3: Performance of lead actors
4: VFX
5:  Editing

* CONS :
1: Predictable Storyline
2: Above Average Screenplay
3:Unwanted Songs
4: Music

* ONE WORD : Spyder is pretty decent movie for a one time watch.

The story of the movie deals with Shiva who is working in Intelligence Department. A psychotic sadist man turned as a rogue to destroy the peaceful conditions of Hyderabad city. Shiva and his team comes to the game by using the real skills and intelligence to make an end to save the the city from a huge disaster.

The Story, Screenplay and Direction was done by the Hit Maker A.R Murugadoss.
First of all as a commercial oriented action thriller the story stands out to an ok manner. The entire story is a cat and mouse play of the hero and villain. One of the interesting factor in the movie is the proper characteristic explanation given to the central characters which was really superb. The plot of the movie had convincing factors to an extreme point, but still not fully. The screenplay was having enough components for an engaging movie till the end. For examples the modern technologies used in the story for investigation, the terrific cat and mouse play of the hero and villain, the convincing reasons and the methods used for revenge, all these have a genuine balance for the screenplay but still wondering why did A.R Murugadoss give more importance to unwanted songs in his movie. The movie was having cliched romantic factors of hero and heroine which was found really bad. The unwanted title song praising and showing the stylish look of hero, mismatching romantic songs, the way the hero and heroine loves, all these factors were really overdramatic for the entire writings of the movie.
What are all the components needed for a action thriller the director and writer A.R Murugadoss had gives his best. In many movies the viewers had seen the cat and mouse play of hero and villain but in Spyder the maker Murugadoss had given some new ideas but it's impact was not passed to the viewers fully. The new revenge methods will definitely make every viewers to thrill and the VFX had also helped the story to give its core. If the screenplay was focused little more Spyder could have been a good movie.

The Spyder movie comes with a brilliant casting. Each and every actors in the movie had done their particular characters stunning performance. The performance of Mahesh Babu and SJ Surya is one of the major plus factor of this movie.Mahesh Babu handled the central character Siva. As usual Mahesh Babu had done total justice to his character. The entire performance was energetic and the way he handled the emotional scenes deserves a thumps up. His performance on romantic portions was also good. His actions was also terrifying.S.J Surya comes with a negative shade character. He steals the entire show by his fabulous villain performance. His fast naturalistic dialogue delivery delivery was really amazing. His unique style as a sadist villain deserve a huge applause. The performance of S.J Surya is a major highlight and plus factor of this movie.

* Rakul Preet Singh as the heroine of the movie had done a decent job. To perform she was having less. Whenever the movie needs a song Rakul Preet Singh appears to the screen, overall the performance was pretty decent.

* Bharath comes up with a cameo role which had a crucial role in the movie and his performance was good.
The supporting roles of R.J Balaji and V. Jayaprakash was also decent.

The Music and BGM of the movie was handled by Harris Jayaraj. The songs were mediocre not great. More than considering the songs the BGM was resulted out good. The background score used to introduce the villain was really good. The rock music tunes in the action sequences had also matched perfectly. One of the song in the second half was having some matching tunes to Harris Jayaraj "Andangkaka" song of Anniyan. Sadly the songs by Haris Jayaraj was not upto the mark.

Spyder movie comes with a high technical aspects in all manner. The cinematography, VFX, Editing and Art Direction was ranked at top class. The Cinematography by Santosh Sivan was outstanding, yet an another amazing work by Santosh Sivan. The camera movements for the action sequences was captured brilliantly and turning tragic incidents happening in the entire movie was also shot beautifully. The VFX team had also hard worked well with their best efforts, graphics work was good and also the Editing by A. Sreekar Prasad was absolutely crisp and clean, mismatches was not felt anywhere. The action sequences which was choreographed by Peter Hein also deserves a special mention because as a commercial oriented thriller movie he had executed the fight sequences according to its style. The actions were perfectly sinking for Mahesh Babu and S.J Surya and all the credits goes to the account of Peter Hein. The Art Department team had also done a good job. The production value of Spyder is really high.

So overall Spyder is decent engaging action thriller movie which is worth watch for a one time watch in all manner Don't expect too much, just go and watch this movie for the terrific performance of S.J Surya and Mahesh Babu, won't disappoint in any manner.

* VERDICT : Above Average
* RATING : 6/10

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