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Maari 2 Review : A smashing entertaining sequel

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maari 2 review
Review for Maari 2 :
(No Spoilers)
*Language: Tamil.
*Genre: Action Thriller.
*Duration: 155 Minutes.
*Theatre: Minerva Cinemas Kottarakara.
*Status: Houseful (Fans Show). 
Review By : Arun Jyothi Valiyaveetil
  • PROS:
2: Story, Screenplay and Dialogues.
3: Performance of lead actors.
4: Cinematography.
5: Editing
  • ONE WORD: A smashing entertaining sequel. 
After 8 years Maari returns as the naughtiest don in what he does his best. He faces various goons and becomes the same old badass. But this time he faces a strong opponent called Beeja who loves and would not stop at anything to see Maari's downfall. Rest of the story revolves around the conflict between Maari and Beeja.
The movie is directed by Balaji Mohan who had himself directed the first part of Maari. The story, screenplay and dialogues are also written by him.
The direction of Balaji Mohan was good.The direction was passionate and the movie was having the accurate engaging grip till the end without any sort of boredom factors. Balaji Mohan had neatly executed the film as an enjoyable commercial action movie. There are many thrilling moments with actions and heroism.
The screenplay of the movie was having the mix-up factors of thrilling action sequences, betrayal, humour and the director had implemented these elements to maintain the impact of the plot. An important fact in the story and screenplay is the equal importance given to the villain and hero. The right reason and explanation for the various incidents given in the plot are convincing. The fights and combo scenes between the villain and hero were amazingly in the script. The sentimental scenes in the film were also emotional. The relationship of a husband and wife, father and son was written masterly by Balaji Mohan.
The dialogues of the movie emerged as sharp and powerful because the conversations were having the soulful momentum to build its impact which will influence the viewers to engage completely in the film. Most of the dialogues in the movie were keen which will manage the viewers to observe the feel of the movie.
The movie largely focuses on the life of the central character and propitiously the director had generated the life of these central characters as a fun-filled action commercial film. The pace and the situations in plot converge from time to time concluding in a neat direction in the sense that a an action sequel story can be told without boring in a duration of 155 minutes.
Therefore to conclude the endmost winning credits are in the court of Balaji Mohan through his well-well-written, screenplay and direction which conveys eventful and gives the audience for the Dhanush Fans with exceptional dramatic punches to celebrate.
Maari 2 comes up with Dhanush as the hero, Sai Pallavi as heroine and Tovino Thomas as a villain. Along Vaaralakshmi Sharathkumar, Krishna Kulasekaran, Vidhya Pradeep and Robo Shankar join with their respective predominate roles.
Dhanush as Maari once again delivered a heart catchy performance. His unique style of representing the character Maari was amazing throughout the film. The childish and naughty behaviour in the character of Maari was once again presented brilliantly. The intense and sharpness on his dialogue delivery deserves applause. The don outlook of Maari was really shiny. Moreover, the action sequences which he performed was daring and energetic. Dhanush had again glittered on his romantic scenes. He also proved his best acting skills at emotional scenes. It is cent per cent sure that no one can replace Dhanush as Maari. Dhanush once again steals the show.
Sai Pallavi as Aarathu Anandhi who handles the female lead had also delivered a stunning performance. She as an auto driver who makes jokes on Maari and madly loving him was cute to watch. The unique style of her dance moves was incredible. Moreover, she was also good on her romantic scenes. Some of her funny encounters with Maari was interesting. As a female lead, she had given her best.
Tovino Thomas as Beeja who did the villain role was outstanding. The protagonist Beeja was having equal importance which Tovino performed marvellously. The negative shade on his character was worthy and his characterization to it was magnificent. Moreover, the looks were also exceptional. His dialogues in Tamil was also perfect and the timings in delivering the dialogues were also first class. As a villain, he had given a mindblowing performance.
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Vijaya Chamundeswari also played a vital role in Maari 2. Her overall performance was accurate for the character. Her whole acting to the character was vivid. The qualities and the behaviours in character were safer on her hands. Robo Shankar asVintonkizhamai and Kalloori Vintoh as Adithangi also did total justice to their respective supporting characters. Their humour was entertaining and combination scenes with Dhanush were delightful.
Krishna Kulasekaran as Kalai also did a fine job and along Vidhya, Pradeep was also good with appealing performance.
The music director for the first part of Maari was handled by Anirudh Ravichander but coming to this sequel the musical works are composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The film consists of three songs. The songs were good especially "Rowdy Baby" sung by Dhanush and Dhee. The Rowdi Baby had made a great impact among the audience in theatres. A mass feel was given to the song "Maari Gethu" which was sung by Yuvan and Dhanush. The song "Maari's Anandhi" sung by Illayaraja and M.M Manasi was melodious with a heart touching feel.
The background score of Yuvan Shankar Raja was good but not that great. The BGM lacks to give the punch and couldn't beat the signature BGM of Maari which was tuned by Anirudh Ravichander.
The Cinematography of Om Prakash was exemplary and also the Editing of Prasanna.GK was smooth. The camera works were superb. The camera movements on dance moves are stellar and also the action sequences were captured idyllically. The editing was also crisp and cleat without feeling any mismatches. The costume department had done a great job to bring the best outfits for the central characters, especially for Dhanush and Tovino. The works of art department were also notable. The stunt director also deserves a special mention for bringing out some power packed actions.
So overall Maari 2 packs with the best commercial factors for a worthy sequel. Those who loved the first part of Maari this sequel will be a definitely good choice and also for Dhanush fans Maari 2 is a must watch. To conclude, unquestionably Maari 2 is a completely entertaining movie and a great choice to watch during this Christmas with your friends and family. 
  • VERDICT: Worth Watch. 
  • RATING: 4/5. 
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