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Lava Kusa Malayalam Movie Review

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lava kusa malayalam movie review

Review and Rating for Malayalam Movie​ LavaKusa 

* STATUS : 30%

Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil
* DURATION : 152 Minutes

* PROS :
+ Decent Direction
+ Dialogues and Comedies
+ Performance of actors
+ Music and BGM
+ Editing

* CONS :
- Cinematography could have been done much more better
- Above Average Screenplay
- Predictable Storyline

* ONE WORD : Lava Kusha is made for fun which resulted out as a pretty worth watch film.

The movie revolves around two guys named who themselves calls as Boss and turned out to be as thick friends. Their life gets a turn when a mysterious girl and a boy influence their life in many ways. Rest of the story tells their steps to overcome the problem faced by them.

The story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie was handled by the actor Neeraj Madhav and the direction was done by Gireesh Mano. Neeraj Madhav, the young actor turning as a script writer was happy to hear and his efforts was ok because his writings for the entire plot was followed with a decent screenplay and the dialogue entertains the audience for a fun time. As a commercial oriented comedy movie the factors which the writer had aimed was enjoyable to a level. The movie was targeted for those who are seeking for a comedy movie and the makers had partially won to entertain the viewers still not fully. As the movie travels on a situational track of two youngsters on an investigative style all the incidents which connects to the ending for the story was convincing but efforts for a brilliant screenplay was missing. The story doesn't offer anything new rather than comedies. There are lots of things happening towards the end and the way the writer had connected was ok. At the first half all the crucial scenes especially the scenes on the train was having less impact. The smuggler group in the movie was shown pathetic with less impact and sort of silliness was felt and all those factors was not worked out well. The second half of the movie travels on an investigative style with perfect humours. The plot is predictable but the movie entertains the viewers and the makers had bring up with the convincing leads to end up the movie. There are some twist and turns in the movie followed with comedies. Moreover the director Gireesh Mano as a had a decent job and the direction was smooth according to the story. The director had managed to execute the humour scenes nicely. At the first half was the direction was not steady but the making in the second half was ok. The dialogues in the movie was really good and Neeraj had executed the screenplay with standard conversations. Still the duration of 152 minutes was little bit over could have been shortened little more. So overall a predictable storyline with an above average screenplay entertains the viewers for a onetime watch.

Lava Kusha come up with a good casting consisting of Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese as the main lead along with Biju Menon, Deepti Sathi,
The performance of Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese was really good and their performance was the major highlight of this movie. Both the actors had played the central characters efficiently with their best effort. Both of them had scored high marks on their comedies and as the main lead they played their respective characters brilliantly. Biju Menon's performance as a police officer was superb. As usual he rocked his entire performance with perfect comedy timings. His few actions were also good.
Deepti Sathi played a crucial role in the movie and her performance was ok and  lip sinking issues was there but she managed to do perform on an ok way. Ashwin Kumar as the smuggler dealer had done a decent job but not perfect in all ways. Vijay Babu's character was crucial and he had done his job perfectly. Aditi Ravi's hand a cameo performance.

The musical work was composed and tuned by Gopi Sunder. The songs were good and notable. The song 'Ayyappantamaa' in the first half which was sung by Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese was good to hear and the lyrics used for the song was also also good. The reprised version of Ente Kayyil Onnum Illa sung by Athul PM (Munna) was superb for the situation with funny lyrics. The background score was good but not great, expect the signature BGM of Lava Kusha all other tunes was having similarities to the earlier work of Gopi Sunder. The background score used for the intro for Biju Menon was mediocre, some resemblance was felt but the BGM which Gopi Sunder used for addressing the Lava Kusha team was brilliant and it made an impact for the scene.

The technical aspects of the movie was ok but the cinematography was not that great. The cinematography was handled by Prakash Velayudhan. The camera worlds couldn't impressive much just ok and the editing was done by John Kutty.. The editing was clean and smooth, mismatches was not felt on the cuts. The dance choreography of Brinda Master for the song Ayyappantamaa was enjoyable. The song Ayyappantamaa was having similarity to the choreography style of 'What A Karuvad' of VIP. The title animation card was shown brilliantly also that costume design of Sameera Saneesh was amazing.

So overall Lava Kusha had given me an average experience in all ways. Watch the movie for the entertaining performance of Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese, won't disappoint and better to see the movie for a one time watch and that to just for fun.

*  GRADE :  B
*  RATING : 2/5

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