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Kumbalangi Nights Review : A must watch emotional portray of real life

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Review for Kumbalangi Nights: 
•Language: Malayalam.
Genre: Comedy Drama.
Duration: 02 Hours  Minutes. 
Status: 75%. 
1: Direction.
2: Story
3: Screenplay and Dialogues. 
4: Performance of Actors. 
4: Cinematography. 
5: Technical Aspects. 
Nothing to mention. 
ONE WORD: A must watch emotional portray of real life.
Kumbalagi Nights deals with the life of four brothers and various incidents happening to their life on the backdrop of various emotions.
The movie is directed Madhu.C.Narayanan on the production held by Dileesh Pothan, Nazriya Nazim, Syam Pushkaran. 
First of all as a debutant director Madhu.C.Narayanan deserves a huge thumbs up for making an extraordinary brilliant movie. The entire making held by the director was brilliant because the movie was moving accurately moving without any fault from the beginning to end according to its excellent story and the screenplay. The story, screenplay and dialogues of Syam Pushkaran was something beyond the writing excellence. The story had every component to entertain the viewers because the factors like comedies, brotherhood, parenthood, friendship, romance, actions were written out brilliantly without losing the impact.
So due to the first-rate making and classy story and screenplay, the viewers won't find any sort of lagging when the movie tracks to the main plot. Each and every single scene in the movie was according to its beautiful story and also the making style of the director also made the movie to maintain its impact until the end. 
The cardinal tonality of the film focuses on the life of the central characters so the director and writer had stunningly portrayed real life without any form of bemusing elements.
Importantly the director Madhu.C.Narayanan had successfully used the unique acting talent of the lead actors effectively which gives a career-best performance to them and also the passionate way of making made Kumbalangi Nights to find a superior spot at top 5 movies of recent times.
Another important interesting fact of Kumbalangi Nights is that the movie was so close to real life. The various incidents happening in families was shown wonderfully by the makers. A realistic approach in direction, story, screenplay and dialogues made Kumbalangi Nights as a complete worth watch movie. 
The dialogues in the movie were tremendous because the conversation was felt like the day to day talking which gives an authentic feel throughout the film. Also, every dialogue in the movie was keen and observant by its sharp touching words which dominate the viewers to understand the soul of the plot. Interestingly the humour dialogues help to entertain, the romantic dialogues pass a feel, emotional dialogues makes sentiment, conversation before action gives thrill etc, so the entire written dialogues make Kumbalangi Nights as a truly engaging movie that one should not miss from the big screen. 
Therefore it is clearly evident in Kumbalangi Nights that the ultimate winning credits lie in the court of the director Madhu.C.Narayanan and Syam Pushkaran through their direction, story, screenplay which conveys eventful and gives the viewers an exceptional punch and glow to celebrate. 
Kumbalangi Nights come with the star casting of Soubin Shahir, Shane Nigam, Sreenath Basi, Fahadh Faasil, Ramesh Thilak, Anna Ben, Mathews Thomas. 
Through Kumbanagi Nights some career-best performance was witnessed especially of Soubin Shahir, Shane Nigam, Fahadh Faasil, Sreenath Basi.
Soubin Shahir as Saji was fantastic, no words to describe. His entire acting was purely realistic which deserves a huge applause. He amazingly handled the emotional scenes and also the humour scenes were really entertaining. The character Saji will definitely be a winning milestone in the acting career of Soubin Shahir. 
Shane Nigam as Bobby was exceptional. As usual, he did his unique realistic magic of acting again. His romantic scenes were on another high winning level. His combination scenes with Soubin, Sreenath and Mathew Thomas were delightful to watch. The emotional scenes with his mother and brothers were also incredible. No doubt the character Bobby ranks at the top in the career of Shane Nigam. 
Sreenath Bhasi as one of the brother was also terrific by his first-class performance. As a deaf person, he was really skilful to handle the job. The seriousness in his acting was superb and his romantic scenes were also impressive. 
Fahadh Faasil as Shammi was astonishing. He steals the show by his phenomenal acting. The way he acted out the comedies was prodigious. The sudden changing reactions in the character of Fahadh Faasil was wonderous. His acting in the climax was unbelievable. No words to describe, its one of his career-best performance. 
Mathew Thomas as the younger brother also did total justice to his character. His combination scenes with Soubin, Sreenath and Bobby was fabulous. As a newcomer, he did stunning performance and the way he handled the emotional scene also deserves a thumbs up. 
Anna Ben as newcomer actress who did the role of Baby Mol was remarkable by her impressive performance. Her romantic scenes with Shane were glorious. Also, her acting was awesome, especially at emotional sequences and situational humour scenes. 
Ramesh Thilak also did a notable performance so all in Kumbalangi Nights was a complete miraculous package of high level ranked acting which is definitely a treat to watch. 
The musical work of the film is composed by Sushin Shyam. The songs and background score composed b Sushin Shyam was charming to set the feel. The song 'Uyiril Thodum' sung by Sooraj Santhosh and Annie Amie was really melodious with a stunning romantic feel. The background score was also gratifying which helps to give a genuine feel for every scene. The BGM at emotional scenes was touching to pass its vibe and also a special mention for the background tunes at romantic scenes. 
The cinematography of Shyju Khalid was magnificent with splendid visuals. The various frames of fishing and shots at canoe were wonderful. The brilliant night shots were magical and the camera movements in the various shot in climax deserve a big thumbs up. The natural frames of backwater were also captured perfectly. The editing of Saiju Sreedharan was also smooth and bright without feeling any sort of mismatches.  
So to conclude Kumbalangi Nights had given me an unforgettable experience because of its brilliant making and writing. The movie got all the elements to entertain every type of audience which will surely guarantee you a unique cinematic experience. 
Therefore to conclude Kumbalangi Nights can be termed as a perfect example for a movie that never should be missed from theatres. 
  • GRADE: A+ 
  • RATING: 5/5. 
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