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Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel Review : A thrilling crime film tracked with entertaining comedies

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kodathi samaksham balan vakeel review
Review: Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel
•Language: Malayalam.
Genre: Comedy Crime-Thriller. 
Duration: 02 Hours 35 Minutes.
Theatre: JB Cinemas KOLLAM
Status: 70%.
1: Direction 
2: Story and Dialogues. 
3: Performance Of Actors. 
4: Cinematography. 
5: Editing. 
1: Half-Baked Screenplay. 
2: Music and Background Score. 
ONE WORD: A thrilling crime film tracked with entertaining comedies. 
Kodathi Samaksham Balan Vakeel revolves around the life of advocate Balakrishnan who has stammering in his speaking. As an assistant to a reputed advocate, he doesn't get the cases much. Through his sister husband, he gets a case to file which makes his life to follow through various incidents. 
The movie Kodathi Samaksham Balan is directed by B.Unnikrishnan after his previous movie Villian. He also handles the story, screenplay and dialogues for the film. 
The direction of B. Unnikrishnan was good in a decent thriller backdrop. As a crime thriller genre, the director had completed the movie as a worth watch film. The direction held by B.Unnikrishnan was passionate and the making style of the movie was having the right engaging grip till the end. The movie largely focuses on the life of the central characters and brightly the director had generated the life of these central characters as an engaging thriller film. The director had also effectively used the acting talent of the actor Dileep in a unique way which gives him another best comeback. 
The story is also written the director and the base of the plot were having similarities to many movies associated with the courts and cases but the way he executed the film with the thrilling and engaging incidents in the plot and also by the energetic dialogues made the movie as a complete worth watch film. The situations and occurrence in the plot intersect with crucial unexpected twist and turns that gives a strong punch which was surprising and thrilling. 
The screenplay of the film was having the mixed factors of crime, actions, comedies, parenthood, friendship etc so these elements were written carefully but the execution for some of these elements to the screen was not that perfect because a punch was missing for the crucial scenes. The second half of the film completely moves like a thriller but some crucial scenes turned out as fictional and confusing because the scenes were not giving the right connection and clarification but luckily doesn't affect the viewing flow. The songs were unwanted in many areas which turned as dramatic. If an extra effort was given to the screenplay the movie could have been ended as a perfect crime thriller. 
Importantly the dialogues written by the director B.Unnikrishnan was extremely powerful and strong because the conversation said by the characters gives an authentic sense and connectivity to feel the thrill and presence of the film. 
So the making the style of B.Unnikrishnan was impressive and when he comes to another crime thriller movie his execution was having a genuine quality resulting in a clever direction constructed Kodathi Samaksham Balan as one of the good crime thrillers in recent times. 
The movie comes with the casting of Dileep as the hero and Mamta Mohandas as the heroine. Along Aju Varghese, Siddhique, Suraj Venjaramood, Lena, Ganeshan and Renji Panicker. 
Dileep as the hero who played the central character Balakrishnan did a fantastic performance. As an advocate with a speaking disability his dialogue delivery and the way of presentation was supreme. His humour scenes were also entertaining. The action sequences of Dileep was terrific and powerful with his unique style. The emotional scenes of Dileep were great and the makeover as the college political leader was marvellous. 
Mamta Mohandas as Anuradha was excellent as the heroine. Her entire acting was bold and the emotional sequences were handled perfectly. The few situational humours were also entertaining. The combination scenes with Dileep was outstanding. 
Aju Varghese and Suraj Vencharmood were awesome with their respective characters by giving the entertaining comedies. Siddique as Somashekaran Pillari the father of Dileep was amazing. His comedy scenes were hilarious and also his emotional sequences were sentimental. 
Harish Uthaman was shining in his negative role also Lena and Ganesh Kumar did total justice to their supporting characters. 
The characters of Priya Anand, Renji Panicker and Saiju Kurup were surprising and the performance was exemplary. 
The musical work of the movie is composed by Gopi Sundar and Rahul Raj. 
Sadly most of the songs in the movie were not impressive. The script was not demanding the songs so the added songs were not matching to set the scenes. 
The song 'Onnum Mindate' composed by Rahul Raj and sung by Hari Shankar was the only song which was melodious. Rest of the songs were not imposing. The song 'Babuvetta' was an utter waste with poor lyrics. 
The Background Score was also average. The BGM for the action sequences, thrilling scenes and for the crucial scenes were not up to the mark. Also, the background score for the comedy scenes especially in between the action sequences was disappointing. The BGM at the important crucial scenes and for the action sequences were terrible which lacks to give the thrill. 
The cinematography of Akhil George was superb with the best shots captured for the action sequences. The camera movements for the stunts were really impressive. The car chases were also captured perfectly. The editing of Shammer Mohammed was crisp and shine with the perfect cuts which don't give mismatches. 
So overall Kodathi Samaksham Balan had given me a satisfying experience which has every component to entertain the viewers. Also, the performance of the actor Dileep gives a complete worth watch treat in theatres. Therefore to conclude, If you love to watch an engaging crime thriller film then Kodathi Samaksham Balan can be a good choice.  
•VERDICT: Worth Watch. 
•RATING: 3.5/5. 
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