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June Malayalam Movie Review : An unforgettable journey to the life of June

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Review for Malayalam Movie JUNE:
•Language: Malayalam.
Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama.
Duration: 02 Hours 21 Minutes.
Theatre: Partha Cinemas KOLLAM
Status: 50%.
1: Direction
2: Story
3: Screenplay & Dialogues.  
4: Cinematography.
5: Technical Aspects. 
Nothing to mention. 
ONE WORD: An unforgettable journey to the life of June. 
June movie revolves around the life of June who leads a happy life with her supportive father and mother. Her school life, friends and her love describes the rest of the story. 
The movie is directed by Ahammed Kabir under the production of Friday Film House owned by the actor Vijay Babu.
As a debutant director, Ahammed Kabir did a spectacular job in bringing out an awesome feel-good romantic family movie. The way the director had executed the movie deserves huge applause because of each and every single bit of the film was directed according to the story and screenplay which maintained to give the impact of the plot till the end. 
The story written by Libin Varghese, Jeevan Baby Mathew and the director Ahammed Kabir was extraordinary. The story of the movie is simple but due to the well-written screenplay of the writers, it takes every audience to travel into the life of June which gives an authentic feel-good memorable experience. 
The making of the director was incredible because from the beginning itself the movie was moving accurately without any fault and also the movie largely focuses on the life of the central character 'June' so the director had portrayed her life without any form of confusing factors. Importantly the director had effectively used the acting talent of the actress Rajisha Vijayan which gives her another career-best performance and also the passionate way of making made the movie as one of the best recent films. 
The screenplay of the film was having the mixed up factors of sentiments, romance, friendship, parenthood, humour, sorrows, struggles, etc so both the writers and director had successfully accomplished to make each of these elements perfectly without losing the engaging grasp of the film.
The dialogues in the movie were rigid and powerful because the conversation between each and every character was having the deep and soulful momentum which dominates the audience to engage in the film. Also, the dialogues in the movie were really observant because the communication can contrive the viewers to understand the feel and emotion of the plot. 
So due to the dedicated effort, the foremost winning credits are in the court of the director and writers which deserves a big thumbs up and also a special congrats to the entire team for giving a beautiful movie. 
The movie comes up with the casting of Rajisha Vijayan, Joju George, Aswathi Menon and Sarjona Khalid in the lead roles. 
Rajisha Vijayan as June who played the central character was excellent. Her entire performance was truly bold and energetic. Her characterization of each age was amazing. The various emotions were handled perfectly. The few situational humours were also entertaining. The emotional scenes were really sentimental and the way she acted it was superb. The entire performance as the teenage girl was outstanding. 
Joju Geroge as June's father did a fantastic job. The maturity and the seriousness as a loving and supportive father was acted out wonderfully. His few humours were also good and the emotional scenes were also superior. Also, the performance of Aswathi Menon as the mother of June was awesome with her intense acting. 
Sarjona Khalid as Noel did a first class performance. His combination scene with Rajisha was really great, especially at the romantic scenes. 
Vaishnavi Venugopal as Mottachi - June’s Best friend, Nayana Eliza as Kunji - June’s Best friend, Arjun Ashokan as Anand, Sanju KS as Arjun, Akhil Manoj as Sooraj, Harisankar as Rahul, Sruthy Suresh as Sreelalshmi, Margret Antony as Mary and Raveena Nair as Fida did total justice to their respective characters. 
The performance of Arjun Ashokan was faultless and the actress who played the teacher role was fabulous. The surprise cameo appearance of Sunny Wayne and Aju Varghese was also glorious. 
The musical work for the movie is composed by Ifthi which was on another magnificent level. Each and every song and the background score were harmonious. The song 'Uyarum' written by Anu Elizabeth Jose sang by Gowri Lekshmi was melodious. Also, the song 'Maane Penmaane' sung by the music director Ifthi had given a different feel to hear with its powerful tunes. Also, the song 'Minni Minni' sung by Amritha Suresh was sweet-sounded. The background score tuned by Ifthi had given an astounding vibe to get the feel of crucial scenes. The BGM at the breakup scenes were terrific and also at the emotional scenes the music director had given the genuine tunes which make the viewers travel within the emotions especially at the climax. 
The cinematography of Jithin Stanislaus was 
marvellous with stunning visuals. The visuals of college life were taken as tip-top with unforgettable beautiful frames. Also, the various frames and shots of climax were impressive. The editing of Lijo Paul was crisp and clear without feeling any mismatches. 
So overall the movie June had given me an unforgettable experience because of its outstanding story and direction. The movie is all about the sensational performance of Rajisha Vijayan which is a treat to watch. Grab the tickets soon to be a part in the journey of June's wonderful life. Never miss it. 
•RATING: 4/5. 
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