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Irupathiyonnam Noottandu Review : A movie for a one time watch

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Review for Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu:

•Language: Malayalam.
•Genre: Romantic Action Thriller.
•Duration: 163 Minutes.
•Theatre: GMAX Cinemas Kollam.
•Status: 70%


1: Direction.
2: Screenplay & Dialogues
3: Cinematography
4: Performance of actors.
5:  Music and BGM

1: Simple and predictable Story.
2: Pathetic VFX
3: Climax Actions and Stunts.
4: Art Direction.
5: Dubbing. 

•ONE WORD: A movie for a one time watch. 


The story of Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu revolves around Appu and his family who runs a homestay in Goa. His father was a gangster on his young age who leaves all the dirty games and lives peacefully with his family. A girl called Zaya enters into the life of Appu and rest of the story unfolds the various incidents occurring to him.

The movie is directed by Arun Gopi after Ramaleela which was released in 2017. This time for his second film he joins with the young actor Pranav Mohanlal.

The direction of Arun Gopi for Irupathiyonnam Noottaandu was good but not great. The direction was good on an average thrilling mood with a good romantic track.

For his first movie, Arun Gopi had followed a thrilling style of making which was different and appreciated so when he comes to Irupathiyonnam Noottandu with the story written by himself he had executed the movie with his another clever mind but partially failed with the concepts which he had implemented for actions and stunts. The actions and stunt spoiled the watching experience especially when the movie touches to the climax. The stunts were moderate but the worst VFX applied to it destroyed the watching mood resulting in an unsatisfied feeling.

The story of Arun Gopi for the film was offering every component to get entertained for the viewers but like I said earlier the actions and VFX spoiled the soul of the film. The story is simple but tracks a strong presence of various emotion and current scenarios of present Kerala which was good.

The screenplay was written by the maker consisting of various elements like actions, romance, comedies, friendships, struggling’s, betrayal, etc. so all of these elements was written carefully. The situations and occurrence in the plot intersect with a crucial unexpected twist which gives a strong punch offering an expectation for the second half. The second half runs on a thrilling backdrop but when the movie reaches to the climax the entire making ranked to a down level by the below average graphics and stunts.     

Coming to the dialogues the maker Arun Gopi have done an authentic and intense job because the conversations between the characters give a strong feel and presence to pass out the thrill, sentiments and mass.

The movie with its story largely focuses on the life of the central character and the different incidents on his life, therefore the maker had executed the entire film for every type of audience with the entertaining factors which turned out as a watchable romantic action thriller film.

Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu has the star casting of Pranav Mohanlal as a hero. The newcomer actress Zaya David handles the female lead character. Along with them Kalabhavan Shajon, Abhirav Janam, Manoj.K.Jayan, Dharamajan Bolgatty, Bijukuttan, Harish Raj, Tini Tom, Siddique and Innocent.

Pranav Mohanlal who played the central character Appu did a tremendous job. As expected his action sequences were marvellous. The grace and charisma of Pranav were terrific. His charming outlook and costumes were great. The dialogue delivery was also fine and he had improved much than the first film. The expressions for emotional sequences was impressive but the dialogues on crucial areas especially at actions were missing an impact. All in all Pranav Mohanlal makes it as a watchable flick.

The newcomer actress Zaya David as Zaya did a notable performance. She was looking gorgeous and her modern outlook was cute. The performance was also good and her combination scene with Pranav Mohanlal was romantic and noteworthy. In some areas the dubbing mismatched but she was excellent at her emotional scenes. 

Abhirav Janam as Michael Rony also called as Macaroni was outstanding. He was awesome with his imposing performance. His acting with the humour touch was really entertaining.

Kalabhavan Shajohn as Abusi was superior by his outlook and performance also the negative shade in his character was good. Harish Raj’s played a crucial role which was satisfactory but the dubbing was second-rate. Manoj.K.Jayan as Baba was fantastic. As a loving and supportive father, he did a dazzling performance. The supporting roles of Siddique and Innocent were also fabulous and Bijukuttan and Dharmajan Bolgatty also did total justice to their respective characters which were entertaining. The cameo appearance of Gokul Suresh and Tini Tom was remarkable with quality acting. 

The musical work of the movie is composed by the hitmaker Gopi Sundar. The song 'Aaraaro Ardhramayi' sung by Kavya Ajith and Niranj Suresh was melodious with stunning choreography. The song was really romantic with its good beats. The background score tuned by Gopi Sunder was also The BGM for the action sequences was first-class which created the ideal thrilling mode. Also, the background tunes for the crucial scenes were superlative.
The cinematography of Abinandhan Ramanujan was excellent and thrilling. The visuals he captured for the action and its various movements were amazing. Importantly the exemplary visuals of action sequences above the train were spectacular. Also, the various angles he places for the accident scenes in between the stunts were incredible. The frames of Idukki and Goa especially in the song 'Aaraaro Ardhramayi' was wonderful.

The editing done by Vivek Harshan was also superlative without feeling mismatches. The actions and stunts choreographed by Peter Hein were average. His choreographed actions in the climax were pathetic. The below average stunts in the movie give a totally disappointing experience. The Art Department had also done a poor work, the artwork and the set of running train were miserable. Sadly the technical division expects cinematography and editing were disappointing. 

So overall Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu was felt like a half baked movie which had given me an average experience because of its worst actions and visual effects. It's better to watch with fewer expectations and won't disappoint for a one time watch. 

•RATING: 2.5/5 


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