Saturday 25 May, 2019

International Film Festival December 7 to December 13

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Thiruvananthapuram: The 23rd International Film Festival will be held in Thiruvananthapuram from 7 to 13 December, Minister AK Balan told reporters. In the backdrop of the flood disaster the expense of the festival will be reduced. The days of the IFFK is also reduced to seven days. Without paying for public treasury, the expense of the IFFK will be found by raising the fee of delegate pass and sponsorship. The expenditure incurred last year was Rs. 6 crore 35 lakh. This time it was reduced to Rs 3 crore. The fee is of IFFK is raised to 2000. The pass will allow students to pass half the rate. No free passes. 12,000 Passes are to be distributed. The organizing committee meeting of the festival will be convened at the Olympia hall at Palayam Chandrasekhar Nair Stadium on October 11th.

All the sections, including the competition section, will be held this year. The international competition section will feature 14 films. There are about 14 Malayalam films, including six films from the new comers. Two films will be selected in the competition category. There will be nine films in Indian Cinema section, two of which will be in the race. No lifetime achievement award this time. Competition, Fipsi and Netpak awards will be awarded. International jury will be limited to South Asia. Exhibition of artistic events, workshops, exhibitions, master classes and panel discounts will not be held on the occasion of the festival. But the Open Forum will continue.

Those who lost their lives in the disaster will be honored by the inauguration of Nishagandhi. Inauguration will be displayed. Awards will be distributed at a simple concluding ceremony. The award-winning film will be screened. Decorations, ad hurdling and pitches will be set only if sponsorship is available. Sponsorship's will be collected by the superiority.

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