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Haseena Parkar Movie Review

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haseena parkar review

* Theatre : Remya Theatre Kollam
*  Status : 30%

* Language : HINDI
* Genre : Biographical Crime Drama
* Duration : 124 Minutes

Review By : ​Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil ​

* PROS :
1: Story
2: Cinematography
3: Music and BGM
4: Editing

* CONS :
1: Average Direction
2: Average performance of lead actors
3: Screenplay

* ONE WORD : Haseena Parker is a true movie in all means for wasting the valuable time and money.

The plot of the movie deals with the life of Haseena Parker the sister of the gangster Dawood  Ibrahim. The movie begins in a court room trailing the cases of Haseena Parker who have been convicted in various crimes. Rest of the story tells her personal life and her hidden secrets.

The story by Suresh Nair for the movie Haseena Parker is excellent for a biographical crime drama but the writer forgets to put his effort on the screenplay. The screenplay lacks in passing out the real depth of the story. The screenplay mainly focus on the characteristic identities and personal life of the central character. The writer should have been focused more on the twist and turns of her life, in fact the  turning points of the central character is mentioning but sadly the writer have concentrated less for making it more engaging and convincing. As a true story it's evident that the writer had invested a well research about the central character but he was not able to do full justice to his writings. The insight of Haseena Parker was well studied but portraying her character into screen had failed miserably. After a certain point of time the screenplay gets scattered to somewhere else and confuses the viewers that the two central characters is good or bad and also doesn't provide any kind of info and forgets to justify its truth. The linear narrating style was also found lagging and boring. If the writers had put more hardwork on the screenplay this movie could have been the best biographical crime drama. The Direction of Apoorva Lakhia was also average, as a fact of half baked script he was not able to execute the movie well. Still wondering from where did the director gets the idea of changing the color tune, it was really annoyed in many areas but still the director had managed to do his best to make the movie just ok.

The main central character Haseena Parker was handled by Shradha Kapoor. The other stars such as Siddhanth Kapoor, Sunil Upadhyay, Ankur Bhatia, Rajesh Tailang and Priyanka Sethia.
I felt that Shradha Kapoor was totally a wrong choice to do a serious role like this, at many areas her acting was hard to digest. The natural expressions for a darker shade character was missing throughout on her performance but her acting on the emotional scenes as well as on the  romance scenes was really good. Overall the performance was pretty ok. Siddhanth Kapoor as Davood Ibrahim did a good job. His outlook had amazingly matched somewhat like Davood Ibrahim but he was having less to perform, whatever he had he did it on a good way. Priyanka Sethia as the advocate did an outstanding performance. She played her character with the real confidence and portrayed the entire acting brilliantly.

* MUSIC and BGM :
The Music doesn't have any importance for this movie. There are good song composed by Sachin-Jigar. The song "Tera Bina" sung by Arjith Singh and Priya Saraiya was melodious. The BGM was also fine for the crucial areas of the film.

The technical division was really good especially the cinematography, editing and art direction. The cinematography of Fasahat Khan was good. He captured the visuals perfectly especially the court scenes. The editing was also crisp and clear, mismatches was not at all felt and also the 90's period set was beautifully crafted by the art department.

So to conclude Haseena Parker is totally a messed up movie in all manner which failed to give the real impact of its true story. Overall the movie is just ok for a one time watch, never see this movie with any kind of expectations. Watch it at your risk or else just skip it to save the valuable time.

RATING : 3.5/10

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