Friday 25 May, 2018

Finalised; Dileeps Ramaleela will Release on September 28

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Big budget film of Ramaleela will release on September 28. The arrest of the popular actor leaded to the delay of this film.

According to reports, the court rejected the third bail application of the actor; there was an order to show the film only after the release of Dileep.

The Dileep appears usually hero character in the movie. He appears as a politician in this movie. Dileep will don the character named Ramannunni who ends up becoming a politician because of unforeseen incidents in his life.

A political thriller directed by debutant Arun Gopi is produced by Tomichan Mulakupada. The film, made in a budget of 14 crores, will be released in early July. In the case of actress attack case, the allegations have been raised and the police are being questioned for hours and extended the release. Dileep was arrested for the July 10 release and the release of the film is in crisis.

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