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Dulquer Salmaan Solo Movie Review

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solo movie review and rating

Review for Dulquer Salmaan movie Solo .


* DURATION : 155 Minutes

Review By : Arunjyothi AJ Valiyaveetil

+ Cinematography
+ Editing
+ Stunts



* ONE WORD : SOLO won't be everyone's cup of tea but for a true cinema lover the movie is a must watch.

SOLO Movie tells about the anthology that illustrates the life of four people with each story revolving around the four mythical elements : EARTH (Rudra), FIRE (Shiva), WATER (Shekhar) and WIND (Trilok).

The Story, Screenplay and Direction was handled by Bejoy Nambiar. The dialogues were written by Dhanya Suresh.
First of all a big hats off to the writer and director Bejoy Nambiar and he had done an amazing job.
The core strength of the movie SOLO is its four stories and the movie have the effective use of stunning visual direction with a great story along with the talented performances of actors.
The entire direction was passionate and the making style was totally different. The directional style of Bejoy Nambiar was having an engaging grip till the end without any boredom.
In the screenplay Bejoy Nambiar had made a mix up factors of romance, action, situational humours and in depth emotions followed with four touching story which was totally convincing and enjoyable. Bijoy Nambiar brings four different stories followed by the anthology concepts of four elements of Pancha Bhoota. The four different stories have a touching emotions and that was one of the interesting factor of this movie. The concept of four mythical factors in the movie which tells about Rudra representing the Earth, Siva pointing out the Fire, Water indicating Shekar and the final Trilok which symbolizing Wind.
The dialogues by Dhanya Suresh on this movie offers a great impact by giving the real feel and the depth lying on the dialogues is simply astonishing. The movie steers on the interesting tagline of the film pointing out the four elements and the movie is well balanced for it and also have a controlled writing which resulted out as a worth watch movie for a big time. The convincing actions, heart agonising dialogues, twist and suspense and the execution style make the four elements of Solo as one of the finest and the best movie of this year. The preeminent tone of the movie is its hidden mystery backdrops in the story        with good background and visuals.
The movie doesn't follow on a same track because this movie moves on its unique different way by the story and the movie won't be easily digesting for every viewers but as an experimental movie I would SOLO has satisfied me in all manner with cheering up happiness.

The Movie Solo comes up with an excellent star casting. Each and every actors had done a spectacular performance which deserves a huge applause. The makers had made a remarkable effort on making the perfect casting..

In the WORLD OF SHEKHAR the star casting crop  up with :
1: Dulquer Salmaan as Shekhar
2: Sai Dhanshika as Radhika
3: Soubin Thahir as Pattu
4: John Vijay as Shravan
5: Sheelu Abraham as Malini
6: Anupama Kumar
7: Siddharth Menon

In here the World of Shekar the viewers can see the new stylish avatar look of Dulquer Salmaan as a college student named as Shekhar. The total outlook was handsome and charming. The performance was all-out superb. He just nailed it as college student and as a lover. The character Shekhar is having stammering disorder and the stammering dialogues was well said by Dulquer with perfect timings. The romance of Dulquer had also worked out well. Sai Dhanshika played the main female lead character called Radhika. She was attractive and endearing by her looks. As a blind she controlled her whole acting ravishingly. Her emotional scenes with Dulquer was really good and the romance was purely magnificent.
Soubin Thahir as Pattu his performance with good situational comedies which was entertaining.
Sheelu Abraham as Malini played as the sister of Shekhar did a good job. Siddharth Menon come with a cameo performance.

In the WORLD OF TRILOK the casting come up with :
1: Dulquer Salmaan as Trilok
2: Arthi Venkatesh
3: Anson Paul
4: Renji Panicker
5: Aan Augustine
In WORLD OF TRILOK the appearance and acting style of Dulquer have an alter style. The emotions of anger was brilliantly portrayed by Dulquer. The emotional scenes was also delivered smoothly.
Arthi Venkatesh played the character Ayisha who paired up with Dulquer's character Trilok. She was looking pretty with her look and costumes and the acting was also good. Ansol Paul play a crucial role in WORLD OF TRILOK and did his role brilliantly. Renji Panicker and Aan Augustine come up with cameo performance.

In the WORLD OF SIVA the casting come up with :
1: Dulquer Salmaan as Shiva
2: Sruthi Hariharan as Rukku
3: Manoj K. Jayan as Bhadhran
4: Govind Menon as Nanda
5: Sai Tamhankar as Sati
6: Dinesh Prabhakar as Prabha
7: Rohan Manoj as Siddhu
8: Prakash Belawadi as Vishnu
9: Quashiq Mukherjee
10: Peethambaram Menon

The performance of Dulquer Salmaan as Siva was totally daring and energetic. The violence and fierceness character was alluringly portrayed by Dulquer. The characteristic quality in the character Siva was sublimely passed into the screen by Dulquer which deserves a big thumps up. A unique different dark style was seen in the acting of Dulquer as Shiva which was surprisingly splendid and what ever the qualities are required for the character Dulquer had given the best. Sruthi Hariharan played the character Rukku and her entire performance was glaring till the end. The emotional scenes of Sruthi Hariharan was gratifying but the dubbing for her doesn't raised to its actual level. Her chemistry with Dulquer was truly amazing. Rohan Manoj as Siddhu did a spectacular acting, he steals the show of WORLD OF SIVA. Sai Tamhankar also played the role of a Hawala Dealer in the movie and she did her part well. Manoj K. Jayan as Bhadhran and Dinesh Prabhakar as Prabha did their respective roles perfectly. Govind Menon as Nanda did a notable acting. His tough and dark look had amazingly matched for his character.

In the WORLD OF RUDRA the central characters were played by :
1: Dulquer Salmaan as Lt. Rudra Ramachandran
2: Neha Sharma as Akshara,
3: Dino Morea as Col. Raunaq Sachdeva
4: Nassar as Brig. Ramachandran
5: Suhasini Mani Ratnam as Mrs. Vidya Ramachandran
5: Manit Joura as Alok
6: Deepti Sathi as Daisy
7: Sujatha Sehgal as Latika Sundarrajan

In WORLD OF RUDRA Dulquer Salmaan handled the character called Lt. Rudra Ramachandran. As the story focus more on romance in this part Dulquer scored up to a brilliant impressive level. Also the World of Rudra gives opportunities for Dulquer for performing emotional scenes and he performed it amazingly. Dulquer's romantic combination scene with Neha Sharma was sensational. Neha Sharma as Akshara also did a fantastic job. She was looking cute and the cuteness was also found on her acting. The romance of Neha Sharma was astounding. She also handled the emotional scenes perfectly and Neha Sharma's lip sinking issues was not felt.Dino Morea's played Col. Raunaq Sachdeva character the performance was ok and his actions were really good. Nassar as Brig. Ramachandran as the father of RUDRA did his respective role as a good supportive father and Suhasini Mani Ratnam played the mother character of Rudra. She did total justice to her character and her emotional scenes were brilliant. Deepti Sathi's played the character Daisy and her performance was notable. Suresh Menon as Brig.Ramachandran and Sujatha Sehgal as Latika Sundarrajan also did their respective roles good.

The Musical work of the movie was handled by Prashanth Pillai, Govind Menon, Masala Coffee, Ragini Bhagwat, Abhinav Bhansal, Sooraj. S. Kurup, Sez On The Boat, Agam and Gaura  Godkhindi. There are many songs in the movie and music plays a crucial role in giving the actual depth and the impact through the music was passed to viewers wonderfully. The songs were melodious and also the songs had perfectly matched for each scenarios. The song 'Roshomon' in the World of Rudra had made a great impact and the song 'Aigiri Nandini' in The World Of Siva' was fascinating. Both of these were absolutely remarkable. The background score composed by Govind Menon for the World of Shiva was unbelievable, each and every single track and tunes was perfectly sinking for every scenes. The BGM tunes composed by Govind Menon for the World of Shiva was terrifying and the 'Roshomon' song composed by Prashath Pillai for the WROLD OF RUDRA had made a great impact in the theatre.

The movie had resulted out with best technical aspects with stunning cinematography, sharp editing, good art direction and costume designs. The actions in the movie also deserves a special mention. The cinematography by Girish Gangadharan, Madu Neelakandan and Sejal Shah was speechless, absolutely incredible work.
Shot after shot, the visuals were mesmerize and delightful and brings the world to life in vivid detail. The action shootout frames of Girish Gangadharan in Wold of Rudra was shot striking to an extreme correct eloquent level. The frames of beach in WORLD OF RUDRA was shot beautifully and the frames of Bullet motorcycle ride in WORLD OF RUDRA was magical.
The editing by A. Sreekar Prasad was brisk and clear, the cuts were perfect for long shots and the mismatches was not felt. The costumes of Gopika Gulwandi deserves A1 and the dance choreographer had made a great effort for the Roshomon song in the WOLRD OF RUDRA which had perfectly sinked for the scenario.

So overall nothing more to explain, SOLO is one of the best anthology movie I had seen in my life. The movie have every components to make the viewers entertain to feel the four elements hiding in SOLO. So to conclude if you love to watch a true expirmental cinemas then SOLO is your choice. Don't miss this visual treat, a big worth watch.

* RATING : 4/5

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