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Drama Malayalam Movie Review And Rating

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drama malayalam movie review and ratin
Review for Malayalam Movie Drama:
(No Spoilers) 
*Language: Malayalam.
*Genere: Comedy Drama.
*Duration: 146.03 Minutes. 
*Theatre: Carnival Cinemas Screen 1. 
*Status: Houseful 
*Review By Arun Jyothi Valiyaveetil 
1: Direction 
2: Story and dialogues 
3: Performance of lead actors 
4: Cinematography  
5: Editing 
1: Screenplay could have been more engaging. 
*One Word: An emotional movie with the heart touching portrayal of motherhood. 
*Story Idea: 
The movie Drama tells about the death of Rosamma Chacko who died in England. The story revolves around her last wish and the family gathering. Rest of the story revolves around Raju who works for a funeral agency who struggles to implement the final wish of Rosamma. 
*Analysis to Direction, Story, Screenplay and Dialogues: 
The movie is directed by the hitmaker Ranjith. The directional style of Renjith is appreciable but at some point, he was partially unsuccessful to make the engaging grip. In some areas, the movie had straggle which creates a losing grip. The way he unfolds the story with the humour contents and the message which the writer wishes to pass for the viewers was portrayed successfully. The screenplay of the movie was filled with the mix-up factors of humour and sentiments which was partially positive. The making style of the movie was following the indicative style of the director Ranjith which was unfolded in a classic way. Therefore the movie moves in a slow manner especially at the second half which can make the viewers feel a sort of lagging but holding a little bit patience will show you the right emotional ending. The dialogues in the movie were extraordinary and most of the conversation was having the efficacious vibe. The director Ranjith had written the emotional dialogues powerfully with the effective social messages which will definitely melt the heart of family audiences. The predominant tone of the movie focus on the life of the two central characters and the motherhood emotions was portrayed tremendously. The director Ranjith had won the winning credits by his emotional story but if the screenplay was worked out little more he could have been granted the full marks. 
 *Performance Of Lead Actors:
Mohanlal as Rajagopal (Raju) performed an outstanding acting. The character Raju was flawless for him to give his best. Importantly the characterization for the central character was blinding with his scintillating performance. Interestingly his comedy timings were amazing which makes the viewers avoid a sort of lagging. His dialogue delivery and it contacts in the way of presenting especially at humour areas was authentic. Moreover, his successful cover-up on humour counters is one of the key plus factor of the film. The emotional scenes of Mohanlal are one of the major plus factors of the film. As usual, he steals the show. Arundhati Nag as Rosamma John Chacko did a fantastic job. Her combination scenes with Mohanlal were amazing.  As a loving husband and a caring mother, she had done an outstanding job. Asha Sarath as Rekha and Kaniha as Mercy also delivered a notable performance. Baiji Santosh as Podiyan was incredible by his marvellous performance with his hilarious acting. His comedies were really entertaining. Dileesh Pothan was also impressive and done justice to his character. Niranjan as Jomon was fine and he managed to do his character in a good way but could have been done much better at emotional scenes. Shyamaprasad as Dr Mukundhanunni and Johny Antony as Anto also did their character perfectly. Suresh Krishna as Phillip John Chacko and Tini Tom as Benny John Chacko also did their respective characters perfectly. 
*Music, BGM & Technical Aspects:
The musical work of the film was done by Vinu Thomas and the background score was finished by Bijipal. The song written by B.K Harinarayanan which was sung by Mohanlal was good. The movie gives more importance to  BGM and the background score was having the right and genuine feel to make the impact. Also, the background scores at the areas of comedies were also suiting. The cinematography by Alagappan N was beautiful which shows the alluring frames of England. The frames of nature were amazing and the indoor shots in the house were also really good. The editing of Sandeep Nandakumar was crisp and clear which doesn't give any mismatches. The costume department of the movie had also done an attractive job in bringing out the best nice-looking dresses.  
So overall 'Drama' is a genuine emotional family movie which won't make you disappoint. The energetic performance of actor Mohanlal will give you a complete worth watch experience. To conclude Drama is an excellent choice to watch out with your families.  
*Verdict: Worth Watch 
*Rating: 3.5/5 
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