Sunday 27 May, 2018

Disputes Ending; The Much Awaiting Movies will Release on Next Week

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Kochi: After a few months of disputes over the profit, the exhibitors and producers organization set to release new films on next week.

Excepting the theatres which includes in the Film Exhibitors Federation, new films will release on January 12th, organization said in the press meet here.

The release will not make any loss to producers or exhibitors. While some theatres willing to release films, amid the controversial, they added. The organization has set to release at least six films in a week intervals. Actor Vineeth's 'Kamboji' will release in January 12 and Prithviraj's horror movie 'Ezra' will release in 19th January, reports added. If the federation will not come forward with a compliment stand, the organization should strict the decision. After that 'A' class theatre will not get any movie to release, said the producers and exhibitors organization.

According to reports, at least 6 movies like, Mohalal's - 'Munthirivallikal Thalirkkumbol', Prithviraj's 'Ezra', Jayasurya's- 'Fukri', Dulquer Salman's- 'Jomonte Suvisheshangal', Vineeth's- 'Kamboji', Vedam is not released yet.

At least 360 films withdraw by the producers, theatres which includes in Exhibitors Association.

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