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2Point0 Movie Review

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2point0 review
2Point0 Movie Review
(No Spoilers) 
Review By : Arun Jyothi Valiyaveetil
*Language: Tamil. 
*Genre: Scientific Fantasy Action Thriller.
*Duration: 147 Minutes 
*Theatre: Carnival Cinemas Mall Of Travancore. 
*Status: Houseful. 
•    PROS:
1: Direction 
2: Story 
3:  Technical Aspects. 
4: Cinematography
5: Editing
6: Background Score.
•    CONS:
1: Screenplay
2: Less impact dialogues 
•    ONE WORD: 2.0 fly high by its technical brilliance and also falls down by its weak screenplay. 
The World faces a threat that is beyond the interpretation of science. So the government ask the help of the famous scientist called Dr.Vaseegaran to organise his rebooted (new version) robot named as Chitti to fight against it. Rest of the story unfolds the thrilling action moments with surprising technological facts. 
The movie 2.0 is directed by the hitmaker S.Shankar after his super hit movie I. Along with Raju Mahalingam he handles the story, screenplay and dialogues. First of all, before beginning with the review, S.Shankar deserves a huge applause for his outstanding brave effort to direct a movie with a budget of 543 Crores. The direction was good but the unworked screenplay was the major drawback of the movie. The director had successfully won in his making style to make this movie as a watchable science fiction thriller. Moreover, the making style was also passionate and the direction was also pretty good but the exaggerated ideas in the script made the movie to feel like an average film. The movie was targeted out as a commercial movie with the elements including the fantasy and science fiction factors, and all of these doesn't work out properly because of the half-baked screenplay. The duration of the movie hold for 147 minutes and the viewers won't feel any sort of lagging and bored till the climax but when the movie comes closer to climax the immaturity concepts given to the central character made 2.0 as an unrealistic science fiction movie. 
 The screenplay was filled with the mix-up factors of actions, science facts, social scenarios, sentiments and fantasy so both the director and writer could have been worked hard for making the screenplay better. The story was well written but the undeveloped screenplay gives the characters less contact to connect with viewers. It is clearly evident in 2.0 that the movie hadn't landed in a comfort zone due to its unbalanced screenplay which makes it as an above average movie to watch. 
 An interesting factor in S.Shankar's direction is that he had executed the movie by maintaining the impact of technical division which gives a visual treat. The dialogues are written by S.Shankar and Raju Mahalingam which was moderate in building the impact especially at the crucial scenes in the movie. Moreover, the dialogues weren't having the accurate momentum and vibe in influencing the audience to travel within the film. Most of the dialogues in the movie were less keen and unobservant which won't completely hook the viewers. 
In case if the director and writer could have given more effort for the screenplay and for the central character 2.0 could have been a brilliant movie than the first part. The soul of the central character Chitti was loosing from the mid to end of the movie. The reloaded versions were not perfect and the characterization given to Chitti won't give complete satisfaction. The events and incidents in the movie were moving at a fast pace and converge at times concluding in a good direction and feeble-minded screenplay.  
Therefore undoubtedly in the movie 2.0, the half winning credits lie in the hand of S.Shankar by his direction along with his technical team which conveys eventful and gives the viewers, especially for the Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar fans to watch out as a one time watch. 
Coming to the casting of the movie Super Star Rajinikanth as hero and Akshay Kumar as villain steals the show. Rajinikanth as Dr Vaseegran and Robot Chitti had delivered a spectacular performance. In his age of 67, he had delivered an unbelievable action sequence and its performance. His rare charismatic actions which he performs will make every viewer especially his fans to get excited and thrill to celebrate. Moreover, his characterization to the central character Chitty and unique action modulations was splendid. Importantly his dialogue delivery was excellent and its contact in the way of presenting was vivid. He had also shined in the romantic areas and also the dance steps in the movie was also impressive. Rajinikanth had once again proved that he is the dominant Super Star of the Tamil movie industry. 
Akshay Kumar as the villain did an outstanding performance. He was the right choice to play as the villain because of negative shade in the character results as glorious and breathtaking. His looks and costume were wonderful which was perfectly matching for him and his character. His dialogue delivery was also superb. His combination scenes with Rajinikanth was also prodigious. Akshay Kumar had also done total justice on performing the action sequences which were extremely thrilling. 
Amy Jackson as Robot Nila also did her part well. She was also gorgeous and cute on her appearance and costumes. Her combination scenes with Rajinikanth was also beautiful and romantic. 
The movie 2.0 was also about the eye-catching performance of Super Star Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar.
The musical work of the movie was composed by A. R. Rahman composed which includes three songs. The song "Endhira Logathu Sundariye" sung by Sid Sriram and Shashaa Tirupati which was written by Madhan Karky was melodious as the ending song.  Also, the song "Raajali" sung by Blaaze, Arjun Chandy, Sid Sriram was impressive. The background score of A.R. Rahman was awesome and the BGM of Chitti in Enthiran was also recreated. Overall the music of A.R Rahman deserves a big thumbs up. 
The technical team of the movie is another backbone of the movie and all the technicians behind the camera play a vital role in bringing out 2.0 as a technically brilliant movie. The cinematographer Nirav Shah had done a marvellous job by giving the best visuals for this science fiction action film. Each and every scene which he had captured through his camera gives a complete optic treat for viewers. The frames of action sequences were remarkable with the stunning shots. Whatever he had taken through his camera has an awesome connection with 3D effects. The cinematography was perfectly implemented according to the core of the story and direction. Nirav Shah truly deserves an applause for his extraordinary camera works. 
The editing of Anthony was also crisp and clear without any mismatches. The cuts were amazing and sharp for setting the continuous impact of the story. The entire team who had worked behind the 3D Department deserves high appreciation for their remarkable work. The 3D Effects in the movie was wonderful and eye catchy. The 3D effects in 2.0 will definitely show some real magic for the viewers. Also, both the costume and art direction department had also done total justice.
So 2.0 gives a pretty good experience by the technical department on 3D and VFX but still, the movie can't completely satisfy because of the half-baked screenplay. To conclude, the movie won't disappoint but watching it with high expectations can guarantee some disappoints. Watch it for Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar's energetic performance and also for the top class technical brilliance. 
•    RATING: 3/5 
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