Thursday 21 Jun, 2018

Will Write to Centre- to Ban the Killed Game in India- Kerala CM

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pinarai vijayan about blue whale gam

Thiruvananthapuram: The video game which is viral amid youth- Blue whale- which gives temptation to suicide, should be ban, says Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. The people which down loaded the game will be under the observation of Kerala police, CM added.

But the only Central Government has the power to ban this game in the country. Vijayan said that the state government would raise the demand for the ban. He spoke about this killer game in the assembly.

According to reports, that in Kerala alone there have been 2,000 downloads of the 'Blue Whale' game that is said to have led to over 4,000 suicides across the world.

The game, which prompts players to commit suicide, has been banned in many countries. There are 530 reports of suicide in different countries in this game. The police suspect that the 14-year-old man, who jumped from a building in Mumbai, was the victim of this game. The number of people who committed suicide in Russia is two hundred.

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