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Ten Stuff- You Should Eat in Kerala

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ten stuff in kerala

Kerala is South India's most serenely beautiful state. A slender coastal strip is shaped by its layered landscape: almost 600km of glorious Arabian Sea coast and beaches; a languid network of glistening backwaters; and the spice and tea-covered hills of the Western Ghats. Kerala is a world away from the frenzy of elsewhere, as if India had passed through the Looking Glass and become an altogether more laid-back place. Besides its famous backwaters, elegant houseboats, Ayurveda treatments, delicately spiced and some amazing lip smacking foods. Below is a list of 10 things you must eat in Kerala.

Puttu and Kadala Curry - Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake cooked with coconut shavings and is an extremely popular breakfast dish, it is not just in Kannur but through other parts of Kerala as well. It's usually served with kadala curry (black chickpeas/kala chana) but can also be relished with ripe bananas and grated coconut.

Appam with Stew - Honestly, appam is a revolutionary food. It's got a soft and thick center and a paper thin outside. It's essentially a rice pancake which you can pair with almost anything and it will still steal the spotlight. In a typical Southern stew you'll find chunks of chicken or meat bathed in beautifully spiced and dreamy coconut gravy.

Dosa Ghee Roast with Kerala Style SambarDosa is listed among 'World's 50 most delicious foods' and for good reason. Made from fermented rice and lentils, the ghee roast dosa is cooked in pure ghee and roasted till it gets as crisp as it can.

Idiyappam with Egg Curry - Idiyappam, also known as noolappam is made of rice flour, salt and water. A number of thin strands or sevai are entwined together to make this lovely appam. Its plain texture is what makes it versatile and allows it to be paired up with all kinds of curries.

Nadan Kozhi Varuthathu aka Spicy Chicken Fry - As mundane as chicken fry sounds, this version is downright delicious. Served up on a banana leaf, chicken is fried with onion, garlic, chilli, vinegar and coriander.

Kerala Prawn Curry - It's amazing to see how simple ingredients come together to make a lovely dish. The traditional prawn curry is sprinkled with chilli, salt, pepper and then dipped in a whole lot of coconut milk, jiggery and finally finished with curry leaves.

Kallumakkaya Ularthiyath or Mussel Stir Fry - This mussel stir fry requires additional preparation time as the mussels need to be cleaned out, but the wait is worth it. The mussels are cooked in shallots, garlic, chilies, turmeric, garam masala and a heavy dose of grated coconut.

Erissery or Pumpkin and Lentil Stew - This is probably one of the most popular vegetarian curries in Kerala. It uses a slightly sweet pumpkin and dried lentils as core ingredients and goes brilliantly with a bed of rice and neer dosa.

Naadan Beef fry or Kerala Style Beef Fry and Malabar Parotta-The dark hue of this dish reflects the depth of its almost paralyzing flavours. The beef is well cooked and generously coated with curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste and mustard seeds.

Kerala style Fish Molee/Moly - This is just another fish curry because it's absolutely sensational. The flavor of coconut and cocoum also known as kudampuli take this dish to a whole new level.

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