Sunday 24 Feb, 2019

Sam Murder: Sophia gets 22 years, lover gets 27 years imprisonment

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Melbourne: The Victoria court today awards 22 years of imprisonment to a Melbourne woman who killed her husband Sam. The wife named Sophia has been sentenced to 22 years in prison and 27 years for Arun. The succumbed Sam Abraham was a Malayalee lived in Melbourne. The Victoria court said that there was evidence that death as a result of cyanide poisoning would probably be excruciating.

The accused Sophia and her boyfriend Arun Kamalasan pre planned this murder.

The verdict was based on the confession of Arun and evidences. The jury heard the argument in the case that both were guilty.

Sam Abraham (34), a resident of Punalur, was found dead on October 14 in a house in Melbourne. Sophia informed the relatives and the police that Sam was sleeping with her and her six-year-old son. The primary conclusion was that death was due to heart attack. The postmortem report revealed that the cyanide is the reason of the death.

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