Friday 19 Apr, 2019

Rainfall in 11 districts; Thousands trapped

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In 11 districts in Kerala, heavy rains continue when people have no access to drinking water and food in relief centers; Chengannur is the most flooded area today. Aluva and Paravur areas are also in distress.

Pandanad, Thiruvvandoor and Chengannur Town in Alappuzha district were completely isolated. The boat's navy cannot save them. These people did not get anything to eat for three to four days. People live with water and live in water.

Pandanad 1500 people are trapped in houses. Road traffic was interrupted because Achencoil was six. Since the water level is strong, 20 boats of Chengannur Navy are not able to reach these houses. The helicopter may be the one to reach here. There is no food in relief camps.

The rain decreased in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Kasaragod only. The heavy rain continuous  in remaining 13 districts.

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