Tuesday 19 Feb, 2019

Prominent actresses send letter to AMMA, Victims petition was fact said Idavela Babu

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A letter drafted by prominent actress in Malayalam film industry.

The letter was signed by actress Parvathy, Revathi, and Padmapriya. The actresses send letter to general secretary Edavela Babu. The full form of the letter is revealed by wcc members on Facebook page.

The Idavela Babu today revealed that the petition filed by the actress, who got attacked, was fact. The letter that she was drafted to the AMMA earlier said that actor Dileep tried to ousted she from the Malayalam film industry. And this fact that she said in the letter said Idavela Babu.

Meanwhile Public Works Minister G Sudhakaran said in Kozhikode, "there is a lobby in Kochi in Malayalam cinema. 

Mukesh refuses to respond to Amma's decision. Let's explain everything to the party and will not to the media.

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