Thursday 24 May, 2018

No Proof; Vigilance to end Kerala Medical Scam

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Thiruvananthapuram: The vigilance ends inquiry in the medical scam case which involving BJP state leaders. The Vigilance Inquiry said that there was no evidence of the transfer of money.

The case was alleged to have brought BJP leaders bribed from college authorities to start medical college. The party found that Rs 5.6 crore has bribed by the leaders. The inquiry commission appointed by the BJP state committee has conducted this inquiry. The vigilance probe was initiated on the basis of this.

The Vigilance team then collected the statement but did not give any proof. And the medical college owner has also changed the statement. The Vigilance team decided to end the investigation.

However, the college owner, the BJP leaders and the intermediary, have given different statements about the amount involved in the transaction. The vigilance is being examined.

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