Monday 21 May, 2018

Mizoram lottery suspended in Kerala

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mizoram lottery suspended in kerala

Mizoram lottery sales have been suspended in Kerala. The Mizoram government has been officially informed to Kerala Government that the sale of lottery suspended for temporarily. The sale and drawing of the lottery was stopped at special circumstances in Kerala.

Three of the accused were arrested in connection with the alleged sale of lottery. Including Delhi-based Mehta, the owner of the lottery distributor- Teesta Distributors is one of the accused, reports said. The officials seized 5.67 crore of lottery from Mehta. After this, the distribution of the lottery has been suspended temporarily.

Mizoram's finance minister Lalsavtha made clear to the private channel. The action was taken against the letter submitted by the state tax department over the illegal sales.

The state government has sent a letter to the Mizoram government and the Central government on the basis of a CAG report on the number of disruptions in Mizoram lottery. The letter also warned that if Mizoram continues to sell the Mizoram lottery, will take action against Director of Lottery, reports added.

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