Saturday 20 Oct, 2018

Kochi Welcomes New Year by Burning Giant Pappanji

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Kochi: The people in number of thousand gather in the ground of Kochi, to see the center of attraction in the Kochin Carnival Pappanji in the mid night of 2017.

The Pappanji built in the Kochi ground with the height of 37-40 feet every year. But this year Pappanji arrived from Ponjikkara with the height of 40. More than 20 workers behind the built of Pappanji, local said. The people with all religion will gather in Kochi to see the burning of Pappanji.

Pappanji, usually mistaken it as Santa Claus, but he is only an old man, history says. The practice of burning Pappanji existed much before the Cochin Carnival was introduced, in the mid-80s.

Besides the huge Pappanji, smaller ones all around are burnt by the locals, all of which are accompanied by singing and dancing.

The burning of Judas is an Easter-time ritual in many Orthodox and Catholic Christian communities across Europe, where an effigy of Judas Iscariot is burned.

Pappanji stands on a strong base that is five feet high, supported by a steel frame. This year, the burning event will be held on the middle beach in Pulimuttu near the Parade ground. The Okhi cyclone affected the beach in Kochi leaded to the replacement of Pappanji. ‚Äč

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