Friday 19 Oct, 2018

Jisha Murder case; Punishment would be Pronounced tomorrow

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Kochi: The hearing in the Perambhavur Jisha murder case was completed and the sentence would be announced tomorrow. The court had initiated proceedings in the case from 11 am this morning. The court heard the first argument and rejected a plea for further investigation.

The prosecution told the court that the Jisha murder case should be similar to the Nirbhaya case and the maximum punishment, sentenced to death should be given to the accused, prosecution required to the court. After the hearing the argument of both sides, the sentence was later shifted by the court.

Ernakulam Principal Sessions Court found that the accused was guilty earlier. Amirul Islam, a native of Assam, was one and only the accused in the absence of eyewitnesses.

The court pronounced guilty in the prosecution's arguments. However, the court did not find out the prosecution's alleged destruction of evidence and the Tribunal Prohibition Act. The court observed that scientific evidence presented by the prosecution in a non-eyewitness case is crucial. The accused have been charged with house attacking, rape and murder. All these have been confirmed by Ernakulam Principal Sessions Court.

Lawmaker Jisha was found dead on April 28, 2016 at his home in Perumbavoor. It is clear that the woman was killed after the brutal rape. However, in the initial stage of the case, there was no indication about the accused.

The investigation was based on evidence like blood, hair and saliva from Jisha's house. The police arrested the accused after examining the scientific inquiry of evidence. These test results are crucial in case of non-eyewitness cases.

The trial began on March 13. One hundred persons were prosecuted as witnesses in the case. Six people went to the court as defendant's witness in the case.

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