Sunday 18 Aug, 2019

Human trafficking: one is in custody

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The Sri Lankan resident Ravi Sanup Raja, who lives in Ambedkar Nagar Colony in Delhi, was arrested by the Special Investigation Team in connection with the human trafficking case in Kochi Munambam. This indicates that he was one of the group's agents in human trafficking.

Ravi is a close friend of Danduwani. His father, mother, and brother are in the vessel. Ravi, who was brought to Cochin by the night, has been questioned in detail. Earlier, Prabhu was also taken into custody from Ambedkar Colony. He is being interrogated by various investigating agencies in Kochi. Yesterday, officials from the Central Intelligence Bureau questioned the prince for hours. Police hope to get real information from Ravi.

The inquiry team was informed that the boat was carrying more than 100 people on the boat, which has the capacity to carry 40 people. Many paid people could not climb because the boat was filled. An attempt to find them is continuing.

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