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Illegal Resort Construction of Minister Thomas Chandy; Collector Confirmed

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Thiruvananthapuram: The District Collector TV Anupama confirmed the allegations against the State Transport Minister Thomas Chandy's illegal construction. The illegal encroachment is confirmed in a report which was handed over to secretary of Revenue Department. The Minister violated the land lows in the construction, reports said. After the report was submitted, the Collector met with the Chief Minister. The interim report makes clear that there is a violation of ground rules in the resort construction.

Thomas Chandy found the parking space for the resort by illegally filling the paddy field, reports added.

When analyzing satellite images, the report found the changes in the overall structure. The Collector points out that there is a need for detailed examination of land encroachments. The Collector collected satellite imagery from 2013 of this area.

The collector has ordered the resort owners to appear before it on 26th of this month as the encroachment has been confirmed.

The Collector recently and submitted the report to the Principal Secretary of the Revenue Department. The report was forwarded to the secretary after meeting with Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan.

The Chief Minister was summoned to find out the details of the allegations against Minister Thomas Chandy.

Alappuzha municipalities have decided to withdraw the tax deductions from Lake palace resort in 2004.

The meeting also decided to give directions to repay the tax deduced yet. Four employees of the municipality have also been suspended in relation to the resort construction.

Meanwhile, five buildings of Thomas Chandy's owned Palace have been found to be illegally constructed. The municipal intelligence has found this. However, the controversy has been found in the report of the engineer and secretary who had associated with the palace resort.

The Revenue Minister had directed the collector to investigate the allegations against Thomas Chandy.

At that time, the collector Veena Madhavan had reportedly found nothing unusual. The report prepared by the deputy collector in this regard was given by the collector to the minister. The minister's report was re-sent and the district collector was asked to submit a new report. The report has recently submitted a direct inquiry into the recent surveillance of TV auctions.

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