Saturday 20 Jul, 2019

Heavy rains; More than 10 people died in the state

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Kozhikode: The state has been hit by heavy rains. In the heavy rain landslide occurred in the districts of Wayanad, Idukki, Kozhikode and Palakkad. Houses were destroyed in several places. The roads are under water. The revenue department called an emergency meeting after the situation was bad. The National Disaster Response Force has reached Kozhikode. Army will be asked for help.

Eight deaths have been confirmed in Idukki. Five persons were killed when they were sank under house in Adimali. Fatima wife of Hassankoya died on the house destroyed in Munnar. His son's wife Shemina, daughters Dia and Dai, went missing. Hassenkoya and his son Mujeeb have been admitted to the Adimali Taluk Hospital with serious injuries.

In Keerithod, Agasthi and his wife Elikutty were killed in the landslide. One died in Chelachuvadu when house collapsed over them in Periyarwali. Two people are missing. Jose's wife lilly died in landslide in Wayanad. Five deaths in Malappuram Chettiampara. The Kunji, daughter Geetha, her daughters Navneet, Nived and relative Mithun died. Geetha's husband wnet missing.

The revenue department has issued a high alert to the hilly areas of Kannur district after heavy rains. Control room opened at Iritty Taluk office. With more roads and bridges on the highway, more than 100 families are stranded. Thousands of families were transferred. In addition to the police and fire service, the Collector Territorial Army and Defense Security Force are also deployed for rescue operations. Bavali, chennai and wormwood are overflowing.

After heavy rains in Palakkad district, the Malampuzha dam shutter opened again. Dam water was raised to 150 cm. The shutters have been increased since the dry ground in the dam site. Frosty broke out in places such as Parashathi, Elival, Akamalavaram and others. The shutter lifted the night in several phases. There is heavy rain in the catchment areas of the dam. With this the people who are close to Bharathapuzha and other people are concerned. District collectors have also announced holiday for all educational institutions in Wayanad, Palakkad and Kollam districts due to heavy rains.

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