Saturday 19 Jan, 2019

CPM-BJP clash in Kannur, seven injured

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Kannur: CPM and BJP clashed in Panur vallyayi and Pathipalam areas injured seven persons. Five CPM activists and two BJP activists were injured. They were admitted to various hospitals. The incident occurred on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Heavy police are deployed in the spot due violence get strengthening.

The incident took place at around 11.30 pm at a wedding house in Vallyayi. The CPI-BJP activists were involved in quarrelling themselves and it was in ended in violence. Five CPIM activists were injured in the attack. Shibu, Shinto, Jaswant, Edacherry Praveen and Babit were injured. Shibu was admitted to the Pariyaram Medical College Hospital and others at Thalassery Cooperative Hospital.

The continuation of the incident led to violence against BJP activists at around 2 am Sunday. The injured have been admitted to the Kozhikode medical college, including Rijesh and Rijin, brothers and residents of Pathipalam. Panur police have registered a case in both the cases. The heavy police force has been deployed to prevent the violence from spreading.

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