Monday 25 Jun, 2018

Coca Cola Stops the Installing of the Company in Plachimada

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New Delhi: The Coca Cola Company has withdrawn the project to install the Coca Cola plant in Plachimada in Palakkad district. The company said in the Supreme Court that they have no intention of reopening the plant once in the plot. The Perumatti panchayat denied permission to give licenses to Coca Cola Company in Plachimada. The company did not question this in court.

This is following to the result of long struggle of people, after Coca-Cola company withdrew from the plant from Plachimada.

 The High Court had earlier allowed the Coca-Cola Company to renew the licenses at Plachimada, pointing out that there were 17 hearings from Perumaatti Grama Panchayat. The Perumatti panchayat had approached the Supreme Court. The case in Coca-Cola had been stopped by the Coca-Cola unit for years before the local protests continued, over the water exploitation of the company, but the Supreme Court case did not end. The company's lawyer said that the company is not in favour of doing the work in the Plachimada.

Former chief secretary K Venugopalan Jayakumar's formal empowered committee approached the colonies of Plachimada to issue a compensation of Rs 216.16 crore. The Bill for this was approved by President. The state government has not taken any action in the case of the re-bill.

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