Tuesday 26 Mar, 2019

Chengannur become Redfort; LDF Candidate Saji Cheriyan won in the Election

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Chengannur: Left candidate Saji Cheriyan recorded victory in Chengannur bypoll in Kerala. Chengannur's election has been the biggest success in the history of the election. Saji Cheriyan inherited the majority of the 20,956 votes even when the left centers were furious. Chengannur's record of 15,703, who won the Mammen Ipp 1987 election, was break by Saji Cheriyan.

Saji Cheriyan has bagged 67,303 votes. D.Jayakumar of the UDF came second with 46,347 votes. NDA's PS Sreedharan Pillai, who got 35,270 votes, is far off.

Chengannur's counting was started by counting votes in Mannar Panchayath. It is notable that Saji Cheriyan has been able to keep the Left movement in the end there at the end of the vote. In the majority of booths, the Left's turn was seen at Chengannur. Even in a time the UDF candidate could not take the lead and added the victory to the left.

The LDF had a clear lead in 10 panchayats and one corporation in the constituency. The UDF candidate in Thiruvanvandoor panchayath, which runs the Kerala Congress (M) and KM, reached the UDF in the third minute. The UDF is the second in the Puliyur panchayat, which includes UDF candidate Vijayakumar's home. Chennithala Panchayat, the birthplace of Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala, had a clear lead of 2,353 votes.

Saji has lost only one of the postal votes. Of the 43 received postal votes, 42 were for the Left. When the BJP candidate got a postal vote, the UDF candidate did not receive any postal votes.

Apart from the three front parties, the converted money will not be refunded. Independent candidate Swami Sukhaksh Saraswati garnered 800 votes and fourth in the BJP. The 7th-largest vote was 728 votes. In Delhi, the Aam Aadmi Party has got 368 votes in Chengannur.

Saji Cheriyan's lead level on the basis of Panchayat

Mannar - 2,629


Thiruvannavandoor - 208




Budhanoor - 2,646

Chennithala -2353

Cherianadu -2,485


Chengannur municipality - 753

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