Friday 19 Apr, 2019

Bolivian companies behind the miscall fraud; Reports

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Thrissur: It was clear that Bolivian companies were fraud money from people through the missed call. It is clear through the inquiry conducted by the Thrissur City Police Commissioner G H Yatheesh Chandra. Police contacted via e-mail and other telecom companies related to Bolivian police. The police have realized that the call came from Bolivian companies.

Reports say that when contacting the companies, the companies accepted that numbers were their customers, but the address or other information was not revealed by the companies. This will require international interventions. But such interventions are possible in the context of cyber-attacks like WannaCry.

Missed call to service provider profit to company and call maker through a call. Missed calls have come from mobile numbers starting with +5 to the Kerala numbers. .

The minimum loss is less than Rs. 16. Then you lose money as multiples. Many people do not pay attention because they do not notice how much balance they have. If one lakh recipients return, they will get between Rs 16 lakh and Rs 20 lakh.

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