Tuesday 16 Jul, 2019

ATM fraud again in capital; Attingal native lost Rs 80000

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Thiruvananthapuram: ATM fraud again in the capital. A complaint has been lodged in the police. The complaint Sujith lost Rs 80000 in two times. Sujith said that a message has been arrived informing that blocking his account and reached Attingal Mamam SBI.

When searched, police found that Rs 80,000 was lost. According to the data, Rs 40,000 was withdrawn from Goa last month in five and six.

Sujith filed a complaint at Attingal police and banking Ombudsman. The NRI Sujith came to Thiruvananthapuram on February 2. Sujith has to go back next month. Sujit is concerned that he could get the money back prior to his journey.

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