Tuesday 19 Feb, 2019

Abhimanyu murder case: Three arrested

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Three arrested in connection with SFI activist Abhimanyu's death. The arrests of SDPI and Campus Front activists Farooq Bilal and Riyaz were recorded. Five persons were taken into custody yesterday. The investigating team is probing that there are 10 suspects in the case.

A team of 15 persons attacked SFI activists including Abhimanyu, in Maharaja's College, according to eyewitness said. The investigating team has identified the accused after examining CCTV visuals in the area. Five of them are in the custody of the Central Police. Three people were detained on Sunday midnight and 2 persons were arrested in the evening. The police indicated that they were directly involved in the murder. All are Popular Front-SDPI associates. There were also indications about those who were with the accused. Police are going to be arrested in the initial phase of investigation, police said.

There is also an examination of the conspiracy behind the murder. Some of the accused are expected to hike in Kochi if the investigation is intensifying. One of the two arrested is a college student.

Police are also trying to get more arrested today. Central CI Ananthalal will investigate the case. At the same time, the health condition of the Maharajas student who was injured in the attack was serious.

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