Saturday 19 Jan, 2019

US is saying it will be a terrorist attack in India

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Washington: US intelligence wing has claimed that militant outfits will continue to attack India. The current situation is also complicated by the deepening of relations between the two countries, said Dan Coots, head of intelligence. Jaish-e-Mohammed militants attacked Sunjuwan military camp, killing at least seven people, recently.

The relationship between India and Pakistan will continue to be tenser. The conflicts continue in the Line of Control. He added that stronger terrorist attacks in India would be possible.

Pakistan has been continuously challenging US interests by gaining new nuclear capabilities. Coots said Pakistan, which is heading a militia with extremists, is getting closer to China without being ready for anti-terrorism cooperation, speaking in a special program of American intelligence.

In Pakistan's security centers, planning and preparing attacks in India and Afghanistan in contrast to US interests. Coots warned that more conflicts in both countries are still possible.

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