Saturday 19 Jan, 2019

Tomato price at Rs 2/kg; Farmers abandon their farming without harvesting

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Tamil Nadu: The price of tomato in Tamil Nadu has fallen to two rupees per kg. Due to the lack of profits in the market, farmers are abandoning tomato farmers without harvesting them. The price of other vegetables was also significantly reduced.

On Wednesday, the farmer got the price of tomato paddy weighing about 14 kgs at Udumalai market. The last week was Rs 50. Farmers do not get enough tomato harvesters and their warehouses in the marketplace. The crop yield is only Rs. 20.

The box costs Rs. 10 to 20 to bring it to the market. Three boxes for a box should also be given to the Commission. Tomatoes are grown in thousands of hectares in several villages near Udumalai and Palani regions.

Farmers say that the decline in tomato production in many other sectors and the arrival of merchants from other areas has led to a decline in prices. At the time of crossing the border, Kerala is selling a price of Rs 10 in the market.

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